Community Involvement, or the Lack of!

Of interest is a visit to Political Developments Limited website. PDL are the Public Relations front, handling the proposed development of the Dutch Village Fields, or Land East of Canvey Road as Castle Point Borough Council prefer, or “Vermuyden Gate,” whatever inspirational vision PDL hope conjures up.                                                                                                                                                                PDL highlight their involvement as liaising with Councillors and Officers at Castle Point Council. Pre-application meetings with Councils are normal practise, however it would be of interest to know which Councillors were actually present and their involvement .

Also interestingly they claim to have met with Canvey Town Council. PDL’s involvement with theapplication process culminates with drafting a “statement of community involvement.”                                                                                                                                                                         This is where they will need to earn their money as the Vermuyden Gate website explains “On Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th June 2011 Persimmon Homes held a public exhibition outlining their initial proposals for Vermuyden Gate. Invitations were sent to 2,869 residential addresses within a 1km radius from the proposed site (circa 5,000 people), as well as to local Councillors, businesses and organisations. In addition two full colour adverts were placed in the Castle Point Echo up to two weeks prior to the event. A total of 169 individuals attended over the course of the two days.

In total we received 87 valid feedback forms from the public.

Not withstanding the difficulties with the suppressed economy this is hardly a ringing endorsement for a need for concreting over valued Green Belt amenity space.

Now compare with the Canvey Green Belt Campaign’s Referendum with it’s 6,534 responses, and it’s result showing 99.13% of residents against Canvey Green Belt development, that’s what you call a “community involvement” response!


One response to “Community Involvement, or the Lack of!

  1. dave blackwell

    hi interesting blog nice to see , can i just say it is not true that polictical development ltd have meet the town council we have had no contact from them at all. sounds like propergander to me . regards dave blackwell

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