Potential loss of Canvey sport and amenity space

The proposal of Persimmons for the Dutch Village Fields has implications for Canvey Island sport. Viewing the plan on the Vermuyden Gate website http://www.vermuydengate.com/ it is clear that the northern part of the proposed development extends into the Waterside Farm playing fields. Apparently Persimmon as landowners, own part of the sports fields. The loss of at least one football pitch should be considered alongside the area beside the athletics track and the model railway. This was public playing fields fenced off and allocated for the specific use of Canvey Island Youth Football Club after their eviction due to the Roscommon Way extension.

This loss of playing fields will require compensating. Part of the New Local Plan discussion paper has drawn comments from Sport England. They are aware that loss of playing fields may affect the soundness of the Plan as far as being justified.

The potential loss of playing fields and amenity space may have an effect on the well being and fitness of residents and warrants monitoring.

The Persimmon plans also highlight a proposed wildflower meadow and an ecologically sensitive meadow. These areas would most probably require some cultivation and upkeep during future years to prevent deterioration. The Neighbourhood Group Meetings have been instructed to not allocate funds for any improvements that would incur upkeep expense. Persimmon will need to indicate who will be adopting the upkeep responsibility of these two areas, for the proposal to compensate for loss of wildlife / ecological habitat.


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