Castle Point Housing

Information released by Castle Point Council revealed 55 per cent of people looking to get on the housing ladder can’t save up the deposit needed, is based on figures obtained from the Thames Gateway South East Housing Market Trends Quarterly Report for January 2012.

This is one influence source, unlike the East of England Regional Agency, that will not go away. The figures in the Thames Gateway report will likely have influence on the Castle Point Local Plan. There is an inevitability about the Thames Gateway’s demand for growth, and the lower land prices along the Thames flood plain, that indicates an increasing urbanisation of the towns between East London and Southend. Canvey has land to the South and West of the Island pencilled in as the Borough’s growth areas, rather than the more politically sensitive Mainland.

However the practise of using graphs, such as those used within the Thames Gateway Housing Market Trends Report, and their sliding scale increases to indicate growing demand maybe unsound. Graphs show indicators based on 2006 to 2011, when the report was being compiled ahead of census figures, being projected forward onto 2030. However during very recent years Castle Point has under delivered housing and affordable housing. Once actual figures become available, rather than the sliding scale projection, the indication may well show only a small growth in residents in the Borough. If this was built into the projections then a far lesser demand for housing growth may be interpreted.

There is however as I have said, an inevitability about the sprawl from East London continuing and so Canvey Islanders should brace themselves.


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