Initial Consultation Ends

The Castle Point Borough Council’s New Local Plan Consultation has closed.

Yet again the responses have been nowhere near as many as the response to the Canvey Green Belt Campaign’s Referendum on the green Belt.

There is a continuing problem for the Council in communicating with residents. This will encourage the Council in believing they have carte blanche over the compilation of the New Local Plan as far as residents wishes are concerned.

A firm stance based on a sound evidence base will be required for the Borough to not be swamped with development.

There was a flurry of submissions, no doubt held back to see what was included within the new National Planning Policy Framework.                                                        The supposed “golden thread” at the heart of the NPPF “ the presumption in favour of sustainable development” has been seized upon as a green light for developers, locally known as a Land Grab!

Recent submissions in the consultation list show entries on behalf of Redrow Homes and Barratts, with their interests in multi Mainland sites, and on Canvey, from Persimmon, and Morrison Supermarket.


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