The rate that the NPPF has influenced Planning Appeals, Glebelands may become just another statistic!

This week the Appeal Hearing begins on the Glebelands Green Belt development proposal that was turned down by Castle Point Borough Council.

There has been a study on Appeal success rates upto and beyond the adoption of the National Planning Policy Framework. The NPPF is a Governmental attempt to revise Planning Policy and includes a “golden thread” running through the policy that should promote an in favour  of sustainable development action process.

How this would pan out, only time will tell, however this short film shows a dramatic increase in Appeals being given approval by the Secretary of State since the implementation of the NPPF.

The increase in approvals of call ins has shown a 17% swing taken the percentage now up to 63% of approvals on Appeals.

The first evidence of the NPPF allowing housing development industry to influence the lack of growth in the economy.

How this will be received locally should the Glebelands Appeal result in an overturned decision will be interesting as the sensitivity on Green Belt matters is currently very high.


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