Showing little respect to the Planning Inspectorate, may well prove expensive for Castle Point’s Green Belt

Although not a Green Belt site the Canvey Green Belt Campaign Group have followed, with interest, the Planning Proposal for a development of flats at Leige Avenue, Canvey Island ever since Cllr Neville Watson approached our Group to check information he had on the documentation accompanying the Application.

The proposal was refused permission on access and vehicular reasons.

Despite certain flood risk evidence being submitted by cllr watson the Committee Chairman refused to accept flood risk as a reason for refusal.

The developer selected to take the refusal to Appeal.

Following the Appeal correspondence it is interesting to note that certain documents, requested by the Inspector considering the Appeal, have not been supplied by Castle Point Planning Team causing the Inspector to repeat the request.

This reminds us of the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Document and its publication causing delays during the Inspectors consideration of the Core Strategy.
Despite promises from the Council team it would be available within a reasonable time frame, it was in fact a matter of weeks outside the promised deadline much to the Inspectors consternation.

The Leige Avenue Appeal correspondence from the Council suggests to the Inspectorate that there does not yet exist a means of collecting funds from developers for future sea defence improvements.

However the EA submission, accepted by Castle Point Planners, on the Thorney Bay development proposal, that is being pushed through for inclusion within the new Local Plan, makes clear that a funding process does exist.

What with cllr Partridge’s “go away Mr Inspector, you are not wanted here!” statement as the Core Strategy was withdrawn, Castle Point Council do not appear to be making an effort to keep the Inspectorate “on side.”

This could well prove an expensive mistake should further Castle Point Green belt sites go to the Planning Inspector on Appeal as most likely the Jotmans Farm proposal will well do.


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