A view from afar on Castle Point, housing, Green Belt and Schools

Dear Sir, As a former Canvey Islander of some many years since, it troubles me when I read of the current issues facing the current residents.
Through the internet I am able to follow the local and National news items.
Watching the Andrew Marr show on BBC i-player George Osborne and Ed Balls made clear the current austerity issues and the high levels of cut backs facing the UK citizens for many years to come.
In contrast through the Echo website I am both impressed and puzzled by the protest group in favour of saving the Deanes School.
The enthusiasm and organisation of pupils and parents impress me.
What I am puzzled by is that in a strong Conservative area why residents and Councillors expect that “the State” should be expected to support an under subscribed school. If, it is proven that pupil levels are supported by intakes of youngsters from outside of the Borough, then this may well indicate that the school will in the near future become a luxury that may be difficult to support.
The residents in that part of the Borough for many years successfully protested against any form of large scale housing.
Britain is in a chronic financial state with levels of debt that are incomprehensible.
For residents to demand a school is kept open they must realise there is a price to pay.
As I said I have long since moved away from Canvey Island, due to the way the district is controlled by the Benfleet Councillors allowing the over development of the Island.
Mark my words, they know there is a price to pay for maintaining Deanes school and they will be expecting the gratitude of residents if the campaign is successful.
With elections coming up next year they will also know they cannot be seen to be allowing large scale housing development in Benfleet.
All I can say is look out Canvey, you will bear the price for this political posturing.


One response to “A view from afar on Castle Point, housing, Green Belt and Schools

  1. Hi Sue, good to hear from you and learn you still maintain an interest in local goings on. Unfortunately it appears that these issues are coming to a head. The Councillors were given clear guidance by the Inspector during the Core Strategy Examination, even offering his services on two occasions, both times rejected, but the Cabinet chose to put their own spin on his points raised. The Deanes School issue is unfortunate, a lot of people are rightly very concerned over this. The issue of maintaining the School and of Green Belt housing development may be linked as Castle Point has an aging population and we are continually told by Officers that Canvey needs development for regeneration purposes. This is repeated within every Planning Application, and yet it is on the Mainland where there has been no population growth during the last Census period. It is a case of Canvey being the largest Town in the Borough, but with the smallest say! Ed.

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