Jotmans Farm Green Belt off the back burner and attempting to dictate Council Planning

After delaying two previous scheduled dates, due to the Glebelands Appeal, the Jotmans Farm proposal is again scheduled to come before the Castle Point Development Committee on the 1st October 2013.
The proposal, on Green Belt land, is for two hundred and sixty five dwellings made up of 82 two bedroomed apartments, 59 two bedroomed houses, 71 three bedroomed houses and 53 four bedroomed houses.
The population of the new dwellings is expected to total approx 645 residents.
“Up to” 35% of the dwellings would be affordable.
The Officers recommend Refusal.
We expect the members to keep to Council policy and issue a Refusal decision.
The developer would then be expected to go to Appeal.
They have taken this decision to proceed, knowing that the Glebelands case remains undecided at High Court level, therefore we can only assume that they expect the High Court judge will overturn the Glebelands decision, and the proposal to be returned for further enquiry procedures before being granted permission.
Whilst CPBC claim that they have indicated a 5 year housing supply as being sufficient defence against developers coming forward with Green Belt proposals, developers will have noted the Glebelands Inspector’s comments regarding the previous shortfall of housing completions and his revision of what he felt the annual figures should be.
Is the decision to proceed with the current proposal, at this time, considered to be groundwork towards a larger follow up proposal for more development alongside the Jotmans site?
A case of a developer pressuring where land for development in the local plan should be allocated, rather than the local authority.
Highlighting perhaps that spatially strategic planning not having previously been a strong point of Castle Point Council.


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