Glebelands, a painful, expensive process to prove a point and lose an argument?

Castle Point Council Chief Executive has released a response to the Glebelands Judicial Review decision.
On reading, I really don’t think any comment is required from me in response to Councillors or Officers.
The questions now are:
Will the reduction to 100 dwellings invite another expensive lengthy battle with the developer?
Will the reduction to 100 dwellings affect the provision of affordable homes?
Will the battle through the Inspector’s Appeal and Appeal Court reduce the £8,000,000 (approx) that the Borough stood to gain if the proposal had been approved in the first instance?
I think the answer may be in the affirmative in each instance.

The statement reads:

“The Council has now received the decision of the High Court on the challenge to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government’s decision to refuse this appeal regarding an outline application for 165 homes on land at Glebelands by Fox Land Properties.

The Council is delighted to note that the Court has upheld the decision of the Secretary of State to refuse the application.

The Council will consider carefully the court decision.

.David Marchant Chief Executive said

“The decision to uphold the Secretary of State’s decision to refuse the application to develop 165 homes on Glebelands confirms that the Council decision made last Wednesday to proceed with consultation on a new local plan is vital to protect Glebelands from development of 165 homes. The Council decision to proceed will ensure that the Council and the community is fully prepared for any further similar challenges in the Borough.

His Honour Mr Justice Blake observes in the judgment
“In the absence of concerted and effective progress (on the Local Plan) the outcome of the present process may prove to be more of a temporary reprieve than a durable future for the appeal site (Glebelands)”

(Land at Glebelands is included in the draft local plan and the proposals include plans to create a green gateway and green boundary along the A130.The site is identified for 100 homes. Any development will be subject to a master plan which will involve local councillors and the community to control the development and to ensure the vision of green parkland is achieved.)”


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