Fight for Canvey’s 3rd Access Road, not popular with Thurrock neighbours. New infrastructure promised!

The potential 3rd access road for Canvey Island appears to have not been best received by Thurrock Councillors according to the Echo report here.
The long awaited 3rd road to be known as the North Thames Link Road, is linked to regeneration at the west Canvey industrial and business area and seen as a potential commuter relief road to relieve Sadlers Farm and Waterside Farm junctions.

However if as cllr Howard suggests in appeasing the Thurrock Council Leader “not everyone will use the road if it is built so I don’t know if it would be as busy as suggested” the road may be in some doubt as the cost / usage ratio will be critical for it’s implementation.

The new road is just one part of the infrastructure included within the new Local Plan (draft).
Other proposals include, a roundabout with segregated northbound carriageway (dualling northern part of Canvey Way) for the Jotmans Farm housing development, route improvements along the A129 between the Weir and Victoria House Corner, improved access arrangements at Woodmans Arms to ease congestion so as to facilitate the potential 430 new homes at Land East of Rayleigh Road Hadleigh, the widening of Somnes Avenue CI east bound only, prior to development at the former Castle View School CI, the Roscommon Way extension Phase 2 “will be extended across south Canvey” and finally the dualling of Canvey Way “there is therefore the opportunity to provide a dualled carriageway, potentially delivered in phases” as an alternative to the 3rd access road, the North Thames Link Road!
The Canvey Way dualling and the North Thames Link Road are qualified in the Local Plan by the explanation that “Both options (dualling of Canvey Way and the North Thames Link Road) would pass over open water and environmentally sensitive marshland, and significant investment is therefore required to secure their delivery.”

In contrast no road improvements are planned / necessary for the Dutch Village (Land East of Canvey Road) new housing development proposal other than a “promise” that “public transport waiting facilities and services must be improved on Canvey Road.”

The expectation is that new residents will be expected to cross Canvey Road’s dual carriageway, at its most busiest and fastest point to wait for buses travelling off the Island!

The extensive road network improvements are not matched by residents expectation of fulfillment. Promises appear to come easier than funding.


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