Canvey Island residents show disinterest in our Green belt, housing and congestion – 11 days, or let others decide?

Local Plan Consultation, for whatever reason Canvey Island residents appear reluctant to participate in the new Local Plan Consultation.

Once again disillusionment will mean that Canvey Islanders’ views will receive little consideration locally.

The result is looking likely that the opinions of the Mainland part of the Borough will be well supported, whilst Canvey will be ignored once the results of the Local Plan questionnaire are collated.

Purely through the number of responses received by Castle Point Council from mainland residents compared to Canvey.

This will allow CPBC the opportunity to target the distribution of housing and business growth onto Canvey, if they so wish, with the excuse that this is what the majority of the residents wish!

Canvey Island residents need to ask ourselves whether we are that disillusioned with Castle Point Council to think nothing can be achieved?

Remember the ultimate decision making will be made not in the Council chamber, but before an Inspector.

Just 11 days remain for all of us on Canvey to let Castle Point Council know our thoughts, as the Consultation closes on the 21st March.

If you feel Canvey Island is over developed, if you feel that our roads are too congested, if you feel that our Town Centre is being neglected or have any other complaint, then you will be in no position to rightfully complain if matters get worse.

You now have 10 working days left to respond!

Apathy and disillusionment with the local Council are the tools with which Canvey has been dumped upon in the past.

The Local Plan has upset residents across the Borough, this may be reflected in the local elections in May.

It is all of our responsibilities to attempt input into the new Local Plan, otherwise the Island will be left in worse shape in the future.

If you haven’t binned the Castle Point leaflet and questionnaire, dig it out put a few ticks in boxes and send back in the envelope provided.
If you have thrown it away, pop into the Regeneration shop in the Town Centre Knightswick Centre and ask for another.

Alternatively get onto the Castle Point website, register and tick a few boxes.
There are just 10 questions.
It is a 5 minute exercise.

Remember each new development will impact on traffic and loss of green space on Canvey Island.

If you agree, you should highlight all of the Canvey sites as being an issue.

Some Canvey responders are only concerned with the site nearest themselves.

Many Mainland responders are highlighting all of the mainland sites without concern with Canvey sites.

Because of this Canvey will be considered in favour of more development in our part of the Borough and this will be used as evidence to support the Local Plan to the Inspector at Examination.

The form is quick to fill in and the questions are below.
Do this for the future of the Island.

To Log onto the Castle Point Consultation Portal click, HERE

Choose the “Quick response Form” and away you can go.
The questions you will be asked to answer are below and include easy response prompts to guide and speed you through the process.

1: The Plan
The National Planning Policy Framework also expects the full needs for housing in an area to be delivered. In the case of Castle Point this is approximately 350 homes per year.Without a plan which sets the borough’s housing target and identifies the location of development, the Council would find it very difficult to refuse applications for housing developments in locations it considers inappropriate within the borough.
Furthermore, without a plan, it is not possible to obtain benefits from development. A plan allows policies to be put in place that allow development with the provision of infrastructure such as roads, schools and GP surgeries.
Having regard to the issues raised above, do you think that the Council should put in place a local plan that determines where development does, and does
not go? YES NO

2: The Housing Target
The National Planning Policy Framework requires a local plan to deliver enough homes to meet the need for housing. Whilst national projections suggest a need for 350 homes each year in Castle Point, the Draft New Local Plan proposes to deliver 200 homes per year. The Council believes that the capacity of the borough will not allow higher levels of growth.
Given national projections, do you think that the Council?s housing target of 200 homes per year is appropriate? YES NO

3: Housing Sites
The Draft New Local Plan identifies sites which will enable 200 homes per year to be delivered in Castle Point. Approximately 1,800 to 2,000 homes can be delivered within the existing urban area. The remainder are to be delivered on strategic sites on the edge of the urban area.
Do you object to one or more of the housing proposals set out in the New Local Plan proposed policy document?
If yes, which housing site/s do you object to in
You are then invited to select from against a list of sites

If applicable, please indicate your reason/s for
objecting to the housing proposals you have
Impact on traffic and congestion
Impact on wildlife
Impact on landscape
Loss of Green Belt
Other (please specify in comment box)
4: Affordable Housing
The Council needs to plan for affordable housing in Castle Point. However, evidence shows that a balance needs to be struck between the provision of affordable housing and the provision of other infrastructure for development to be viable. In order to enable infrastructure to be delivered alongside affordable housing provision, the draft New Local Plan seeks 20% affordable housing.

What balance should the Council seek between 20% affordable housing and more infrastructure
affordable housing and other infrastructure.

5:The Employment Target
The Council must plan for employment and economic growth within Castle Point. The Draft New Local Plan proposes the creation of 2,100 jobs in the period to 2031 (approximately 105 jobs per year). This is part of a wider objective to deliver around 35,000 jobs in South Essex, and will assist local people to find jobs in the
local area.
Do you think the Draft New Local Plan sets an appropriate target for jobs growth?

6: Employment Locations
Two locations are identified within the Draft New Local Plan for employment growth. These are adjacent to Manor Trading Estate, and at West Canvey near Charfleets Industrial Estate.
Do you object to one or both of the proposed employment growth locations?
If applicable, please indicate your reason/s for objecting to the employment proposals you have identified.

7: Retail
The Draft New Local Plan allows for 11,000 sq m (118,000 sq ft) of additional retail floorspace within existing town centres and shopping areas. This requirement was derived through a retail needs assessment, and will help to ensure town centres remain attractive to traders and shoppers.
Do you think the Council’s approach to retail provision is right?

8: Open Space
The Draft New Local Plan seeks to provide at least 32 ha of additional open space alongside new housing proposals (32 ha is equivalent to 32 football pitches in size).
Do you think agree with this requirement for additional open space provision?
The Draft New Local Plan identifies a number of transport improvements to be delivered alongside new development. Please indicate if you particularly support or object to these proposals.

Extension to Roscommon Way Phase 2
Widening of Somnes Avenue from Waterside to Link Road
Route improvements along the A129 Rayleigh Road
between the Rayleigh Weir and Victoria House Corner junctions
A new junction on the A130 Canvey Way to provide access to the west of Benfleet
Minor Junction improvements at both ends of Kenneth Road
Highway improvements in Canvey and Hadleigh Town Centres
Dualling of the A130 Canvey Way
A new road for Canvey Island
Improvements to the footpath and cycling networks
Provision and enhancement of cycling infrastructure
Public transport connections to employment areas in Basildon and Southend
Public Transport enhancements along the A13

10: Green Belt
The Council has to review the extent of the Green Belt when preparing a new Local Plan. The Draft New Local Plan seeks to retain 92% of the current Green Belt.
Has the Council retained enough of the Green Belt through the review of the Local Plan? YES NO

11: Historic Natural Landscapes
The Council has to plan to protect and enhance networks of green spaces and areas of special landscape value. The Draft New Local Plan identifies three Historic Natural Landscapes which it is proposed will be protected and enhanced.
Daws Heath Historic Natural Landscape
Hadleigh Castle and Marshes Historic Natural Landscape
Canvey Marshes Historic Natural Landscape

Additional Comments

Many Mainland residents are using this space to support the development of the Blinking Owl site in the more remote North West of the Borough. The Canvey Green Belt Campaign were told by senior Councillors and Officers that this alternative site would not be used in place of the proposed development land. However a group of Councillors have looked into the feasibility of bringing forward this site and believe it is not impossible if supported.

It really is that easy to participate, have you done so?
Can you help or encourage anybody else who may be less able?

The Canvey Green Belt Campaign group have submitted our objections onto the full Local Plan consultation.


3 responses to “Canvey Island residents show disinterest in our Green belt, housing and congestion – 11 days, or let others decide?

  1. I oppose any new building in. Angry I think the island is at capacity and it risks becoming over crowded if any more should take place. It’s already hard to get on and off the island as it is anymore traffic would be chaos

  2. T. Burnell
    Submitted on 2014/03/12 at 1:47 am

    I would like to remind Islanders to the fight The fight we put up to defeat Peter de Savary &4320 houses in Green Belt in 91/92. Pre the Canvey independence party who took the wind out of the Tory group who were all for it.THE GREEN BELT IS THERE BECAUSE OF ITS PERMANENCE. IT STOPS OVERCROWDING<CONURBATION, & I see the darned Tories have learnt nothing. This must go to public inquiry then the sec of state .

  3. T, we would normally not encourage political view points, but the historic and future references you make are very timely and relevant. Thanks

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