Jotmans Farm Green Belt development Appeal – getting excited unnecessarily?

Contrary to an opinion released by a local Councillor, the decision by the developer to proceed to Appeal Castle Point Council’s refusal of the proposal to allow development at Jotmans Farm, may simply be down to the planning process.

The decision to refuse permission was issued on the 1st October 2013.
In accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the applicant is allowed 6 months from the date of decision to appeal to the Secretary of State.

The fact that the appeal was lodged very shortly prior to the Castle Point Council meeting to consider the motion to give further consideration to the Blinking Owl development possibility may well be simply a co-incidence.

The Appeal is due to be considered around October / November 2014, this is scheduled to fall directly between the Local Plan timetable for the Plan’s submission on the 30th September and the Examination during December!

It appears that the Appeal would likely to be postponed unless of course there is some “un-foreseen” reason for the Local Plan’s delay.

Given the over-turning of the Planning Inspector’s decision on Glebelands by the Secretary of State due to imminence of the formation of Castle Point’s Local Plan it may be unusual for the Jotmans Farm developer to consider it worthwhile to test the waters at this stage.
Although it would put Jotmans Farm in pole position should the Local Plan appear to be faltering again.


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