End of Canvey Village, as we know it?

Canvey Green Belt Campaign learnt this morning that the iconic Canvey Island public house, the King Canute, is to close on May 18th!
It is thought the new owner is a property developer!
This move is in line with the desperate search for development land encouraged by Castle Point Council in it’s efforts to finalise a Local Plan.
The landmark pub, previously known as the Red Cow, was renamed following the 1953 flood, as it marked the area in which flood water reached.

UPDATE to the intended use appeared in the Echo dated 3rd June 2014.                 Link to Echo article

2 responses to “End of Canvey Village, as we know it?

  1. It was just a few days ago when an Echo article bemoaned the fact that a £1 levy had been placed upon the car parking provisions provided by the Land Lord of the King Canute, this being refundable upon partaking of the benefits that this establishment has to offer.The problem being that indiscriminate parking in the surrounding area had become an issue requiring intervention from local councillors. This of course will now need some further thought should the site of this old land mark now become the subject of a planning application for locally needed affordable blocks of flats. What is the problem of that you may well be thinking, car parking would be my reply. If the trend to underprovide car parking spaces for blocks of flats on Canvey Island is allowed to be perpetuated, then the inconvenience of the £1 levy would be considered the far better option. Local residence will need to keep their eyes on this one, local councillors will need to prepare for and challenge the planning applications detailed submission and to be able to question the Councils Planning Officers upon their interpretation on what is and is not acceptable housing development for Canvey Island.

  2. We have new Councillors on Castle Point any chance to save our King Canute we can get alot more to sign a ptition. No more new houses New road first and save our King Canute!

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