Maintaining high house prices, the Green Belt protection racket and flood risk for the rest!

Two paragraphs from the Guardian housing article on House Prices, sum up issues that are affecting areas in East of London Boroughs.

One suggests how the CPRE are more interested, active and successful in preventing housing development in their core supported regions:

The debate about causes is full of myths, some of them extremely self-serving, such as the claim that we are in danger of concreting over England. As I showed in a recent article, the reality is that the green belt covers more land than all our built-up areas put together, and golf courses take up more land in Surrey (2.65%) than houses do (2.06%).

And another how Councils, controlled by non flood risk area councillors, are content to see badly located development putting residents welfare at risk, as long as the status quo can be maintained in the leafy areas likely to affect themselves.

All over the country more houses are going up where they are already least unaffordable and where unemployment is high relative to surrounding areas. London illustrates this perfectly. Not only are we concentrating new building on the land most exposed to flooding and rising sea levels in the East Thames corridor but we are building them where they are already least unaffordable and where job prospects are worst.

The full article can be read here.


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