Persimmon Calls for Green Belt Review. Well they jolly well would, wouldn’t they?

Building Design

Persimmon has called for a review of the UK’s Green Belt policy to free up more land for housing developments.

Persimmon chief executive Jeff Fairburn told the BBC: “There are a number of cities around the country that are very constrained [by the green belt].

“As a company we’ll build on Green Belt sites or Brownfield sites – they’ve just got to be viable. If no other location is viable you need to be able to build on the Green Belt.” He was speaking as the firm posted a 57% increase in pre-tax profit to £208.9 million in the six months to 30 June.”

To somewhat confuse matters and give ammunition to Local Authorities that may wish to select preferred development sites on a less than sound basis, rather than around actual constraints, the Government planning minister has issued a statement that will again require letters to be exchanged between himself and the Chairman of the Planning Inspectorate:

“Earlier this week, new planning minister Brandon Lewis said some Greenfield areas might have to be built on at some point. He said: “You have got to look what is right in your area, what would be sacrosanct in one area won’t necessarily be sacrosanct in another, depending on the community and what people feel.”

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