Castle Point Leadership presses for a Revised Approach to Task and Finish group Local Plan Housing matters.

A release today on the Friends of Bowers Road Green Belt, Benfleet Facebook page by cllr Sharp gives a hint that a change to the agenda programme of the Task and Finish group discussing the Local Plan may be possible.
This is something we have alluded to in our previous blog post within the comments here.
At the moment it is a suggestion and will be for the Task and Finish group members to decide whether appropriate.

Cllr Sharp stated:-

Can I advise you of what is being suggested as the way forward for the task and finish group
1. Work out what numbers of homes are needed based on all the evidence provided plus inspectors advice and other constraints , as well as historical data
2. Then go through all the sites in the SHLAA ( strategic housing land availability assessment) and agree or disagree with the various sites
3. If the number in 2. Is the same as the number in 1. Then go forward to full council with a recommend ed plan for ratification .
4 if the number in 2. Is less than the number in 1. Then go back to the sites rejected and reassess them . But base that reassessment on the order of brown field , previously developed , virgin green belt .until the number agreed in 1 Is achieved .
Now that is what is going to the task and finish as a suggested way forward . I hope the members will agree that procedure


One response to “Castle Point Leadership presses for a Revised Approach to Task and Finish group Local Plan Housing matters.

  1. These proposal will go some way to merit a creditable conclusion provided as identified in item 1 appropriate weight is given to the Constraints that exist on Canvey Island. Constraints such as the Residual risk of Industrial accidents emanating from the Top Tier COMAH sites, the Real risk of Over Topping and or Breach of sea defences and the critical drainage issue causing surface water flooding. All these issues need to be given the appropriate weight as material considerations within the site selection process. Canvey Islands Green Belt is also its flood cell, we have flood defences because we need them, without them Canvey Island would flood with a catastrophic outcome. The benefits offered by our substantial sea defences have already been exploited by the allowance over development to the extent that the previous evacuation plan has had to be abandoned. Using these issues as constraints as evidence in the New Local Plan Process as to the Boroughs ability to accept unreasonable large scale housing development will present a much more credible capacity argument. It is questionable as to why the Castle Point Planning Authority has not identified these material elements with any conviction in its argument for constraints leading to insufficient capacity..

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