Task and Finish Group must leave no stone unturned, provide sound evidence and keep Residents Happy!

Unfortunately today’s post should take the writer to the very bottom of the Popularity Poll as far as Castle Point is concerned.

However there is no gain to be had by putting our heads in the sand and hoping certain issues need not be addressed or will simply disappear, nor can we expect our conclusions on the same issues to not be carefully examined in the future.

Castle Point Council, Task and Finish group considering the Local Plan consultation will soon have to address the Objectively Assessed Housing Needs (OAHN) of the Borough.

From this they will “consider” the local constraints and eventually come to their considered Housing Need figure.

Both the OAHN and the constrained housing need figure will likely be unpopular to residents.

The backdrop to these considerations is the “historic deficiency in the provision of housing” within Castle Point.*

These are not my words but those of the Planning Authority, left unchallenged by the development committee!

No doubt the “historic deficiency” has had repurcussions on residents and this has been reflected through the 2011 Census.

The often quoted phrase during Cabinet “another Good News Story for Castle Point” will not wash this time!

It appears that Castle Point has the worst record in England, for the number of     20 –34 Year Old’s still living with their parents.                                                                   This amounts to 45% of that age group currently in employment!

If the Canvey Green Belt Campaign are aware of this fact, developers and the Inspectorate will also be.                                                                                                     Hopefully the Task and Finish group at CPBC have this matter in hand, ahead of the meeting covering Housing Need.

20 – 34 year olds

Analysis of data from the last census showed that there were 1.97 million people in this age group in England who were still living with their parents, accounting for a quarter of all young adults in employment.

Figures published in January by the Office for National Statistics revealed that in 2013 more than 3 million young adults were living in their parents across the UK.

Shelter’s research focused on young adults with jobs in England and looked at where they were most likely to be found.

It identified nation’s “clipped wing” hotspots as Castle Point in Essex where 45% of working 20- to 34-year-olds live with their parents; Knowsley in Merseyside where the figure is 42%; and Solihull where 38% of young working adults still live in the home they grew up in.

A survey commissioned by the charity also found that nearly half (48%) of 250 young adults who live with their parents said they did so because they could not afford to rent or buy their own home.”

(The Guardian)

Another group receiving attention, mostly brought upon themselves by their behaviour, at the recent CPBC Cabinet meeting was that of Travellers.


Their recent visit to Canvey Island this summer drew much criticism from residents and business owners due to the disruption they caused.

There is a pending Planning Appeal of a small group of Travellers settled in Janda Field in the mainland Green Belt.

I am unaware of any behaviour complaints for this group.

Once again Castle Point may be examined as to the provision made for the travelling community and perhaps a thought out policy of provision may result in less disruption for neighbouring residents with the current random parking up of groups in the district.

The only figures I discovered date back to 2005, maybe they differ now.

Essex CC Report

Unauthorised encampments     442                  CPBC 2

Authorised Council sites             349                  CPBC 0

Authorised private sites              368                  CPBC 0

Gipsy Caravans                          1,159                  CPBC 2

*The “historic deficiency in the provision of Housing” quote used by the CPBC Officers is further covered HERE

A link to the Government Consultation paper regarding Travellers and proposed changes to make to Planning Policy and Guidance can be found HERE

Labworth photo reproduced from the ECHO Newspaper



One response to “Task and Finish Group must leave no stone unturned, provide sound evidence and keep Residents Happy!

  1. Now I am confused!
    When I approved this Post for publication little did I expect that such bad news would receive a “thumbs up” from mainland councillors and residents.
    Two bad news topics, the most serious being that Castle Point is bottom of the list of most 20 – 34 year olds unable to leave the family home even though they are employed, leaves me puzzled.

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