Canvey Island further housing development despite flooding, draws criticism from Defra!

The internal Defra report on the July 2014 flooding at Canvey Island, states:-

“Further development is planned in a number of locations on Canvey Island.

This could cause increased surface run off and put further pressure on the drainage systems.

It may also increase the number of properties at risk of events such as this in the future.

Government planning policy requires that future development on Canvey must be made sufficiently flood resilient, and that development does not increase overall flood risk”


Will Castle Point Planning Officers, still intent on development on Canvey Island,  sometimes by using their delegated powers, now reflect upon their actions, as failure to do so will have devastating consequences?

The clear message from the Environment Agency’s presentation during the CPBC Scrutiny Committee investigation into the July flooding,  was –          expect more of the same!

July 2014photo3

Gone are the days when senior Councillors and Planning Officer can hide behind the misconception that we have had our extreme 1 in 200 year event, so we don’t have to worry for some considerable time !

Also confirmed during the Environment Agency’s presentation was that our pumping capacity is for rain water only, and not as some would have you believe a Sea Defence mechanism !

Extra pumping capacity bought in to "back up" existing pumps to assist clearing July 2014 flood water.

Extra pumping capacity required to “back up” existing pumps to assist clearing July 2014 flood water.

Lets not kid ourselves our drainage system has not only been abused by inappropriate development – but neglected to the point that it is no longer functioning adequately.

We have Castle Point Council to thank for that!

We have yet to hear anyone from the Borough Council take the remotest proportion of the responsibility, and yet the cries of:

“its not our task to maintain the drainage system nor provide for emergency contingencies,” have been deafening !


3 responses to “Canvey Island further housing development despite flooding, draws criticism from Defra!

  1. And i think you are being unfair here to castle Point – yes their officers are keen on building but they had their responsibility for drains removed when they were a failing council and it is squarely the county who should not only deal with the county’s drains but enforce action my all other responsible organisations individual owners and firms to maintain the whole network.
    RH MP

  2. Thank you Rebecca,
    We are happy to acknowledge that the enquiries by both the Government Office for Science and the internal Defra report were instigated as a result of your lobbying.

  3. Neville Watson

    Thanks for an interesting article of which I can confirm is accurate and true,
    I have deep reservations that no lessons have been learnt from the last two floods.
    My opinion is that I think you are right to release this information, after all they are public documents that you are referring to, there is no excuse to ignore both Government and European law.
    But why is this not getting though to our officers? Is Canvey Island ok to build on to save green belt any where in the Borough? no it’s not it’s an abuse of power.

    I believe if they follow this methodology the New Plan is only destined to fail again, instead of saving green belt we could lose more so it’s a risk all policy.
    we know and have experienced how planning inspectors only deal with the law the European law I sadly cannot see an inspector passing an unsound plan has inspector Holland stated don’t play with the numbers it will be seen by very experienced consultants employed by Developers who won’t miss a single thing including the flood risk issues that have been ignored.
    Thanks Editor.

    Councillor Neville Watson.

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