Another Green Belt must be built on signal, means more mixed messages for Castle Point residents?

An article reproduced on the Decisions, decisions, decisions website regarding “inevitable” release of Green Belt land in Hertsmere for housing raises some local issues.

The reference that the local County Council will maintain the traffic flow levels at the affected routes is in direct contrast to Castle Point, where Essex County Council are unwilling to allot funding for the necessary major improvements essential to offset the proposed levels of housing development.

The other issue highlighted is the Hertsmere Conservative councillor being reported as claiming that “The authority has been ordered to build 3,896 homes in the next 15 years.”

This point requires some clearing up, possibly by our MP Rebecca Harris.

As I understand it the Regional Strategies have been abolished. Housing need is to be identified by the relevant local authority.

I think this article possibly illustrates the abilities, or lack of, of some local authority councillors. Also the purported pressure that local authorities are under from Government to achieve high levels of housing delivery in the light of the NPPF’s golden thread of delivery of sustainable housing.

This can be tested by the publication of a Local Plan. This process would lead to a public pre-examination meeting that would make clear what would be required or acceptable to make the Plan sound.

This route is not a route that CPBC appear comfortable at this moment to take.

Unfortunately the elephant in the room for Castle Point may well be the need or desire to raise funds through housing growth to support our Council bank balances.

Borehamwood and Elstree Times report reads:

A senior councillor admitted houses could be belt on green belt land.

A residents’ forum gathered in Allum Hall in Elstree last night to hear Councillor Harvey Cohen, who is responsible for planning, respond to questions about the controversial Elstree Way Corridor.

The authority has been ordered to build 3,896 homes in the next 15 years– and 1,000 of these will be in the Elstree Way Corridor – an already built-up area earmarked for further development along the major road.

During a presentation by chairman Andrew Lewis, Cllr Cohen said that the core strategy was started 15 years ago, when residents of Hertsmere voted to keep the greenbelt land.

But Cllr Cohen said: “We cannot build anymore on brownfield sites so we will have to release green belt in Hertsmere.

“Residents in the whole of Hertsmere will have to decide on releasing more green belt land in Hertsmere for house building.

“I don’t think it is right to build any more in Borehamwood. In my personal opinion we have reached the end with this plan.


One response to “Another Green Belt must be built on signal, means more mixed messages for Castle Point residents?

  1. It would seem remarkably simple, that before embarking on further consultations and additional work, Castle Point Council seek by way of a statement from Essex County Councils, confirmation that the infrastructure provision programmed by County, has not and will not within the next decade be provide to support development proposals within Castle Point.

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