Local Plan, Leaving “No Stone Unturned,” except for Canvey Island – Under the Shadow of Buncefield

A public meeting in which the health, well being and safety of every resident of Canvey Island is to be valued and taken into consideration.

Wednesday 4th March 2015,  the subject of the Hazardous Industries on Canvey Island will be the subject for discussion for the New Local Plan Task and Finish group.

The proposed new Local Plan policy currently reads:

Policy NE 12
Developments near Hazardous Uses
Development proposals will be assessed in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidance where they fall within a consultation zone for one or more hazardous installations. Where the HSE advises against development the planning application will be refused.

It is felt that this is inadequate and falls considerably short of the level of caution that should be applied where further housing development is concerned.

It is intended that a recommendation will be put to the committee that requests that Castle Point Council, in drawing up its Local Plan, acts with caution and adopts a sympathetic viewpoint on the subject of housing development constraints on Canvey Island. The recommendation is due to request:

“That further work be undertaken that ensures that “no stone is left un-turned” in considering the implication of Land Use Planning and the corresponding Societal Risk emanating from a major incident at the COMAH sites on Canvey Island. The New Local Plan must give full consideration and deliberation to ensure that the concerns expressed by our community are further fully examined.”

We do not feel that this is an unreasonable request of councillors and officers and especially the task and Finish group Chairman cllr Smith who is keen that “no stone is left un-turned” in the course of his Local Plan work.

The potential for a similar incident to that as what occurred at Buncefield cannot be ignored at Canvey Island!

“When I tell you to stop,

“Go 10 Miles that way”


“I’m serious, GO!”

Unfortunately should such an incident occur on Canvey, we are less fortunate, we don’t have 10 miles to go in the opposite direction to safety!

The New local Plan will be Examined for Soundness.
The previous attempt at a Local Plan, the Core Strategy, received criticism on policy CP9 Hazardous Industries, and remained unresolved.
In the Council’s search to reason housing constraints in not being able to fulfil the Borough’s Objectively Assessed Housing Need, this subject, along with Flood Risk, has the most potential to undermine residents investment and well being.
This short film, below, will help focus the mind of residents, councillors and officers ahead of the meeting, on the potential for harm and damage that the failure to observe the appropriate level of caution placed on land use planning at Canvey Island could cause.
We should observe carefully the direction the meeting takes, the commitment councillors display for the safety of residents, especially given the energy levels spent by committee members in defending our precious Green Belt and note the Task and Finish group voting pattern.

The meeting is open to the public, and those wishing to follow the content may view the Council’s webcast via this link HERE.

The short film, below, records the damage and harrowing distress suffered by one household following the event at Buncefield. We must relate to this and be thankful that, so far, similar has not happened on Canvey Island.
Grateful thanks go to Ian Silverstein for use of his video.


One response to “Local Plan, Leaving “No Stone Unturned,” except for Canvey Island – Under the Shadow of Buncefield

    HSE’s LUP advice will, where appropriate, take account of societal risk in addition to IR. Societal risks will be evaluated using event frequencies and the numbers of estimated fatalities. Societal concerns will be taken into account by LPAs when they consider HSE’s advice along with the socioeconomic benefits of a development proposal.
    IR = individual risk
    LUP= land use planning
    LPAs= local planning authorities
    HSE= Heath and Safety Executive.
    This adopted position of the HSE resulted from the responses of a consultation process. Castle Point Council responded to that consultation and are fully aware of the rationale of the HSEs adopted position.

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