Canvey Way extra Lane – Music to Jotmans Farm Developer’s Ears?

How often have we heard “put infrastructure in place, ahead of planned housing and industrial development”?

This is how the “promise” of the extra lane / dualling of Canvey Way will appear and appeal to developers.

pic courtesy of Echo News

pic courtesy of Echo News

The “draft” New Local Plan purported to be an “officers plan” proposes a large industrial development alongside the existing Charfleets Estate,  the Dutch Village Green Belt development, development on Green Belt at the old Castle View School site, regeneration including Flats at the Canvey town centre, new dwellings at Thorney Bay plus the re-development at The Point!

Further to the Canvey Way widening is a short stretch of dualling from Waterside farm to just past the Sports Centre along Somnes Avenue.

Money is not set aside, but that may be another matter. A new road off of the Island is desirable, but according to Castle Point appointed consultants is unlikely to be supported by “value for money” evidence in support of it proceeding.

Roscommon Way remains incomplete and in all probability any improvement of Canvey Way will only speed traffic up to the next congestion point, going south, onto Canvey’s poorly laid out and narrow road network, or northwards to the Sadlers Farm junction.

That appears a lot of overdue infrastructure for little or no return.

However added to the mix is the Jotmans Farm proposal. “Officers” have proposed that in the region of 800 dwellings could be realised in the Local Plan.

Access to this site is of course limited, however should the initial phase of 265 dwellings be approved either at Appeal or through the New Local Plan, a new access road filtering onto Canvey way makes the remaining phase up to the 800 dwelling capacity far more achievable.
A new access point onto the publically funded widened Canvey Way would become economically viable to Persimmons as all that would be required for access onto Jotmans is a slip road entering the south bound lane of Canvey Way! Jotmans traffic would then join the flow onto Canvey, and using Waterside roundabout for either the journey to Sadlers farm or Benfleet station and beyond. The extra lane would help cope with the current Canvey traffic as well.

In future years we are likely to see far more lorry movements from the two hazardous sites, Calor and OIKOS as the pipelines age and deteriorate. The existing pipework already beneath Roscommon Way will likely prove impossible to gain access to.
Together this makes a compelling argument to achieve the widening of Canvey Way. In return the aspiration of the National Planning Policy framework for sustainable development could be achieved. At what cost to the residents of the south of the Borough is open to conjecture.

A balance on the potential returns will be made by decision makers, whether the potential that a new access road would bring in releasing Canvey land to the west, for industrial purpose, over the less costly Canvey Way widening which is claimed would ease congestion with the “bonus” of making the whole of the Jotmans proposal feasible.

My money, for what little it is worth, says that mid Local Plan there may be a widening of Canvey Way and then possibly 25 -50 years onwards, once the potential of the inner Thames Gateway area especially Thurrock and Basildon have reached their full potential, then west Canvey will become an economically viable proposition to business to warrant a new access road.

Something for us all to think carefully about.

The link to the Echo article announcing the Canvey way proposal can be located HERE.



4 responses to “Canvey Way extra Lane – Music to Jotmans Farm Developer’s Ears?

  1. Sharon Ainsley

    Make no mistake, any development on Jotmans Farm will only compound the problems on the A130 and increase the conjestion to and from Canvey Island.

    Living on Jotmans Farm Estate, the proposal to widen Canvey Way was not lost on me.”Beware Greeks or in this case, Essex County Council, bearing gifts” I have copy of the Planning application by CHARLES CHURCH & BURROWS & DUNN LTD and know exactly what they’re up to. So any of you who are monitoring this website should know that a link Road into West Benfleet has not been fully consulted as it was “Accidently left out” of the paper version of the Consultation, delivered to Residents homes. It actually only appeared in the very length version on line. Therefore, I would argue that to go ahead with any such plans is unconstitutional and probably unlawful. Why waste money on widening Canvey Way when all agree that a Third Road off Canvey is the most sensible option.

    Canvey Regeneration Link Road
    1.1 Proposed Scheme Context
    Canvey Island is located in South Essex and houses approximately 40,000 residents with only two access roads (A130 and B1014). Separation of Canvey Island from the rest of the county and Thames Gateway currently increases the potential for socio-economic differentials between Canvey and the rest of the region. The potential to attract investment and development is considered to be diminishing for Canvey Island as a result of this separation. As a result, ECC is keen to investigate the feasibility of an additional access route to provide the Canvey Island community with access to major job opportunities at the Shell Haven and Coryton developments. Such a route may also form an alternative evacuation route from Canvey Island in the event of an emergency.

    • Thanks Sharon more than happy to approve your comment.
      However your preference for the new access road to Canvey comes with the inevitable threat to Canvey Island’s Green belt from development as we get “nowt for nowt!”
      I believe your quotation from the Canvey Regeneration Link Road is an in-house piece of aspirational work by CPBC.
      It rather contradicts the concerns raised by the consultants engaged by CPBC who consider:

      “Over 90% of the borough’s allocated employment land is in Canvey Island with limited supply elsewhere to meet future demand.”
      “It would appear difficult to achieve any sizeable reduction in out-commuting in Castle Point. However, various approaches could help avoid the situation worsening and may start to put in place long term steps towards greater self containment of jobs.” “there may be a qualitative need for some more sites that are readily available and better located to strategic roads and population centres in the north of the Borough. Such sites might also have better prospects of attracting developers. They could also enable the decanting of firms in established industrial areas and modernisation of the stock in the older areas.”
      “In terms of capitalising on major new economic developments in adjoining areas, it is not obvious that a new road access to Canvey Island could enable the area to benefit to a much greater extent from the major port and distribution development at London Gateway in Thurrock. The cost of such infrastructure would also need to be weighed against the scale of economic benefits likely to accrue to Canvey Island, and the extent of these do not appear likely to be major.”

      Whilst the new access off Canvey may be the most sensible option, it will come at a cost to the residents of Canvey Island I am afraid.

  2. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts if you think this will help Canvey think again more traffic at Waterside would = madness.
    Do yourselves a favour and watch debate on BBC Iplayer Westminster Hall recently 9th March with the RGH MP Brandon Lewis advising it is the councillors duty to tell officers what they want in the Local Plan not the other way round. . .

  3. Why are we not as a community embracing the Localism Act to ensure that our councillors and council officers are working for us.

    “Reform to make the planning system clearer, more democratic and more effective
    The planning system helps decide who can build what, where and how. It makes sure that buildings and structures that the country needs (including homes, offices, schools, hospitals, roads, train lines, power stations, water pipes, reservoirs and more) get built in the right place and to the right standards. A good planning system is essential for the economy, environment and society.
    There are, however, some significant flaws in the planning system that this Government inherited. Planning did not give members of the public enough influence over decisions that make a big difference to their lives. Too often, power was exercised by people who were not directly affected by the decisions they were taking. This meant, understandably, that people often resented what they saw as decisions and plans being foisted on them. The result was a confrontational and adversarial system where many applications end up being fought over.
    The Localism Act contains provisions to make the planning system clearer, more democratic, and more effective.”

    Am I being to simplistic here, if this is what the Act is for why are we not being encouraged to use it ?

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