Hadleigh, previously-developed Green Belt housing proposal – first test for CPBC Virgin GB Policy?

I guess it should not have been a surprise given that the land is under private ownership, but it is nonetheless both disturbing and disappointing to learn that the Hadleigh Castle area is subject to a Planning proposal.

Hadleigh Castle land under threat of development

Hadleigh Castle land under threat of development

The development on Green Belt proposes 240 dwellings including some 20% of “badly needed affordable homes.”

The developer’s design and access statement claims that the area, whilst Green Belt, is previously developed, in fact probably the oldest previously developed Green Field site within the Borough.

A source has confirmed a proposal is being considered for validation by Castle Point Borough Council .

If agreed, the proposal claims to make benefit from the widening and improvement of Castle Lane, as part of the legacy from the 2012 London Olympics.

The site is also supported by being in Flood Zone 1.

The issue of the area being non- virgin Green Belt appears to comply with CPBC new policy preferences and latest Government Planning Guidance, whilst previous councillor and campaigner statements to this effect appear to have prejudiced opposition points of contention.

Our source added that a statement by the developer’s agent, Ms Avril Tromper, accompanying the proposal, unsurprisingly, attempts to alleviate residents concerns:

“This development will provide much needed, unobtrusive, high specification dwellings along with a generous supply of affordable dwellings that will do much to relieve the lack of new development within Castle Point. We have worked closely with Castle Point Council in supporting their desire to protect the more valuable virgin Green Belt sites in the Borough and will seek to deliver an unobtrusive, high-end development of quality family homes sympathetic to the surroundings.”

Photograph credit: english-heritage.org.uk


7 responses to “Hadleigh, previously-developed Green Belt housing proposal – first test for CPBC Virgin GB Policy?

  1. Previously developed? Assume this means the castle, stretching interpretation a little far is it not

  2. Steve Sawkins

    How many times have senior councillors been warned of the dangers of inventing planning terminology?
    The description of “Virgin Green Belt” being used in the context of a green belt area without a history of previous development, being the only green belt worthy of protection, has now been taken up by potential developers.
    The planning minister’s recent description that some green belt has the status of being “Valued Green Belt” has its weaknesses, but at least it gives those objectors with an interest something to lean against.
    I can clearly remember claims from residents local to this area commenting that the provision of the road infrastructure, supporting the mountain bike site, would bring forward development proposals, campaigners fears were dismissed as preposterous
    The term Virgin Green Belt has proved to be the incentive that developers have been waiting for, lookout for a planning proposals coming forward for all areas of Castle Point, particularly those area showing a history of being previously developed.

  3. Hello there
    Do you know which piece of land they are planning to build on?

  4. April the first methinks !!

  5. When is this all going to stop…….can’t believe they do all these things

    to us….because Castle Point was so ‘green and pleasant’ is why moved

    here……. in the beginning……..now it’s all concrete and bricks


  6. You will all by now have seen through this Post as being an april fools day message. Given the level of drivel being put out there by some of our local political characters in the lead up to the Election, we at least used the date as our excuse for posting some rubbish. The difference though is that the local politicos will carry on spinning us for the next 5 weeks!

  7. Reblogged this on and commented:

    In the light of the Castle Point Local Plan2016 policy of the protection of “virgin” Green Belt over previously developed Green Belt, today seemed appropriate to re-visit this proposal.
    It highlights that within the Borough there appears to be an approach that suggests that some previously developed Green Belt retains better protection than others.
    A Planning Inspector would not tolerate such a “NIMBY” approach to site selection!

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