Castle Point Green Belt Appeal dismissals and protecting Council services

The first 4 months of 2015 has seen a sharp shift in major planning appeal decisions, as the Secretary of State dismisses a majority of cases, in contrast to those considered since the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework. This can be seen in the graphic below, 2015 being represented by the 4th column, far right.

Major Housing Appeals Chart - April 2015 - rev E

Castle Point face two housing development Appeals, scheduled for this Autumn, at Glebelands and Jotmans. Double click on the graphic, courtesy of Nathaniel Lichfield, and enlarge to view site details including Glebelands.

Does the findings illustrated within the graphic give encouragement to residents? Will the Secretary of State need to get involved with the two cases as they are both large development in the Green Belt?

The next Government will likely operate under the same financial constraints as the previous. A recent Conservative policy release:


May likely be matched in one form or another by the opposition Labour party.

This may result in the need for Local Authorities to look into the need to raise incomes. An obvious route for this may be increased housing development.

Whilst cllr Stanley has reassured us that Castle Point finances are in a good state and that money is set aside for Green Belt housing development appeals, he did also mention during the motion to approve the draft New Local Plan for Consultation, that to not move forward with a Local Plan would have some financial implications.

More recently Green Belt has become less of a prominent feature in the main Parties electioneering, although not locally!

One has to ask the question whether it is unreasonable to expect the recent trend during 2015, of Green Belt proposals being offered protection, can be assumed to continue through Castle Point’s Local Plan process.


2 responses to “Castle Point Green Belt Appeal dismissals and protecting Council services

  1. What’s is going on out there ?
    This post should be causing some debate as to where sufficient National Income is going to be generated from to provide the resources that is needed to support all our basic services..
    Or will those basic services suffer devastating cut backs ?
    Or Is it expected that huge development programmes will fill the coffers ?
    Those politically minded must have some idea exactly what this article is pointing out to you.
    Is it such a difficult subject that those amongst you cannot or refuse to grasp the issues.
    Shame on you all.

    • Steve, you have restored my faith!
      The post was explicitly constructed to offer local politicals an opportunity to freely comment and engage.
      The link was sent via Twitter to the three leading PCs offering them an opportunity to address Green Belt campaigners and residents concerns.
      Neither the Conservative, Labour or UKIP candidate has engaged with us at such an important time, neither have Borough Councillors.
      Undoubtedly the points raised are difficult, and residents are left pondering.

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