We Are Where We Are!

As the dust settles on a surprising UK Election result we must congratulate Rebecca Harris on retaining her Westminster position, as we must all successful Borough and Town Councillors.


Whilst the Green Belt issue in Castle Point can be seen as a reason for residents voting as they did, it may also be possible that our MP’s ability to bear influence at Government level, regarding the disastrous Canvey flooding, may have positively impacted the Canvey vote.

It is imperative that Rebecca continues to ensure the findings of the Essex Lead Flood Authority’s Report and the review of the Government Office of Science’s Review are implemented.

The ability to insure New Homes, those built since 2009, against flood, challenges the sustainability of new development and is a threat to Canvey home owners and buyers  investment in housing.

The Insurance Industry are adamant that the Flood Re home insurance scheme, that aims to keep premiums affordable, is intended to direct new housing development away from Flood Risk Areas.

The balance of power at Borough level is now firmly in the hands of the Castle Point Council Leader and Deputy Leader, cllr Colin Riley and cllr Bill Sharp.

Cllr Colin Riley Conservative Party Leader

Cllr Colin Riley
Conservative Party Leader

Cllr Bill Sharp Conservative Party Deputy Leader

Cllr Bill Sharp
Conservative Party Deputy Leader

They have a clear mandate, following this latest Election result, and the pre-Election visits of Government Ministers and the councillor training session from Planning Inspector K.Holland to apply the reasonable constraints that exist locally on housing development.

Councillor Sharp has expressed a hope that the Blinking Owl site H18 may be achievable in a time frame allowing protection to many of the Borough’s threatened Green Belt sites. He has also expressed a view that Canvey’s Dutch Village site may be defendable.

With the Lead Group’s working majority a Local Plan acceptable to Castle Point residents should be achievable.

However the Canvey Green Belt Campaign group, from it’s early conception, have accepted “We Are Where We Are” as a standpoint.

Should we find once again that Canvey has been identified as an expendable area of Green Belt we are prepared to fight our case at Examination of the Local Plan, of course we hope that is not adopted as policy.

We invite cllrs Riley and Sharp to update Canvey Island residents with the current position, through this Blog.


4 responses to “We Are Where We Are!

  1. Graham Sayer

    I also congratulate our MP and all those successful in our Borough elections and hope they see people have put their trust in them to understand this is no time for complacency and is a mandate to do what their residents across the borough wish them to do not a green light to do what they themselves wish. In what will be a interesting time I believe more scrutiny than ever will the likely order of the day.I look forward to open and transparent dialogue from all parties but we will be watching.

  2. Steve Sawkins

    There has been a lot of help promised to house buyers, including extending the Help To Buy equity loan scheme to 2020 and the mortgage guarantee scheme to 2017. Those schemes are most likely to benefit first-time buyers but could also help second steppers, which could keep the whole housing market moving.
    Some people have raised concerns that the extra support is simply going to drive up house prices, although increasing sales and mortgage availability could be good news for anyone planning to downsize over the next few years.
    The issue of improved viability and the intent of the NPPF to assist with development, is clear indication of what the Governments intent is, with regards to the national financial recovery plan.
    The issue of constraints will need to be justified when Castle Point Council insists that it has no intention of satisfying its objectively assessed housing needs. It will be imperative that evidence for the justification for the selected development sites, is sound and that those sites selected can pass scrutiny against sites that are not being considered within the borough, this aspect was found unconvincing during the previous examination.

  3. Of course we will update you as soon as this matter has been taken forward . Firstly though we do have to go through the process of re election of our positions . Subject to Colin and I holding the leadership it is our intention to move the local plan forward as a matter of urgency taking into account the up to date information gleaned from government ministers as to protection /realignment of green belt boundaries .

  4. Thank you Bill, we will all look forward to hearing further. Although the term “realignment of Green Belt boundaries” will be a concern to all, until details are announced.

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