Canvey Island residents facing potentially massive costs despite local authority continuing to overload drainage system!

Some Canvey Island residents face potentially massive funding issues, should the funding for drainage repairs not be forthcoming from the Government.

Anglian Water representative, interviewed on Dave Monk BBC Essex programme, explained many Canvey residents are unaware that potentially problematic drainage under their property is ultimately the owner’s responsibility.

The result of the £24,500,000 bid for funding lodged  with Government by CPBC MP and council officials is crucial to improvement of the drainage system, including these riparian issues.

Riparian owners, those living over blocked water courses (drainage channels, ditches and dykes), may well be liable to being held responsible for the clearing and repair work, they may be reliant on the success of the funding bid and Anglian Water in meeting the costs.

The Integrated Urban Drainage study for Canvey Island reveals that never before has the whole of the drainage network on Canvey Island been accurately charted!

Castle Point Borough Council, as Local Planning Authority, appear to assume no responsibility, as its Development Committee continue to approve development with the potential to overload the Island’s “broken” drainage system!

The revealing Dave Monk BBC Radio webcast can be accessed via this LINK.


One response to “Canvey Island residents facing potentially massive costs despite local authority continuing to overload drainage system!

  1. Steve Sawkins

    Planning Officers may wish to consider the following material planning reasons why CPBC should not be considering approving planning application on the Flood Cell of Canvey Island at this moment in time.

    1. The Thames Estuary Asset Management Programme 2100. (TEAM 2100) are in the process of carrying out a detailed investigation into the condition of its flood defences.

    2. The Integrated Urban Drainage System of Canvey Island surface water assets has not been completed.

    3. There is at this moment in time no suitably appropriate Surface Water Management Plan for Canvey Island.

    4. There has been no annual review of the CPBC 2010 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.

    Further to above…..

    Previous evidence, detail below, can be gained from Essex County Council publications, that CPBC planning officers may feel is worth considering.

    Note document referred to is dated before the first of the two flooding incidents on Canvey predicting what will happen. I suggest that this County Document is considered before the Scrutiny Committees findings into the Canvey Island surface water flooding incidents are published.

    “Essex County Council
    Local Flood Risk Management
    February 2013

    States at:-

    2.3 Factors Increasing Flood Risk

    Flood risk is a combination of probability and consequence; as there are a number of factors which will lead to higher probability of flooding in the future and more serious potential consequences, this will result in an increase in the risk of flooding across Essex.

    The factors leading to an increase in flood risk include

    1. New development and changes in land use may lead to an increase in impermeable surfaces and therefore cause increased levels of runoff during heavy rainfall events

    2. Development may also lead to deforestation and general loss of vegetation cover, also causing increased levels of runoff during heavy rainfall events

    3. Lack of maintenance on open watercourses and small culverts

    4. Cumulative impact of un-consented minor development and changes to watercourses

    5. Over time deterioration in the condition and performance of existing drainage infrastructure and flood defence structures will increase future flood risk

    6. It is predicted that climate change and severe weather events will lead to more frequent and more severe extreme weather and therefore to more extreme floods with more serious consequences

    7. Damage to higher value property and contents may lead to increased cost of damages

    8. Continuing rises in sea levels are likely to impact adversely on the effectiveness of gravity drainage systems that outfall to tidal waters.”

    The presenters of the New Local Plan, will find the justifications for large scale developments destine for Canvey Island, difficult to explain to a Planning Inspector, when other sites within the borough that have been identified for development have been passed over.

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