Flood RE scheme one year delay in commencement – Home owners pray for dry spell

Bad news for people concerned about covering their property and belongings against Flood Risk.

Tisk zoneshe Flood Re scheme has now been delayed from the expected start date by one year.

Whilst the delay is of concern to those affected, cover will not be extended to development built since 2009.

I guess we could all wish for a long dry spell!

Article giving full information is available HERE.

ome of the early comments following the article make sense, such as don’t buy property in Flood Risk zones.

That would be, and probably is, enough to make major developers think twice before investing on Canvey Island.

Just need the message to reach CPBC now.


2 responses to “Flood RE scheme one year delay in commencement – Home owners pray for dry spell

  1. Steve Sawkins

    The aims of planning policy on development with regards to flood risks are to ensure that flood risk from all sources of flooding are taken into account at all stages in the planning process. Essentially the aim is to avoid inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding and to direct development away from areas at highest risk.

    Where new development is, exceptionally, necessary in such areas,including ‘water compatible’ development, planning policy aims to make it safe without increasing flood risk elsewhere and where possible, reducing flood risk overall.

    It is therefore the task of the developer to provide the evidence that a development proposal is exceptionally necessary in an area of high flood risk. It is for the Local Planning Authority to ensure that all the criteria’s are satisfied to ensure that there are no increased flood risks cause by such development to areas elsewhere.

    It is not unreasonable for the Insurance Industry and now Government policy to consider as a risk aversion only appropriately exceptionally necessary developments on a zone 3 flood plain, particularly with the situation where a local Authority, such as ours, when developing its Local Plan has an abundance of alternative flood free sites that provide available sustainable alternatives.

    • Thanks, you are correct in your observations, and therefore it is difficult to justify CPBC’s approach, something picked up by the Inspector at the examination in public of the Core Strategy.
      To continue as they appear to be through the Local Plan process is even more perplexing. Why would an Authority wish to place themselves in a position where they are open to ridicule!
      To justify development in our Flood Risk Zone the officers make claim that further development on Canvey is necessary so as to lesson deprivation and to address the decline o the Island.
      The Flood Re scheme,s difficulty in finalising is further evidence that the CPBC’s approach is detrimental to the current residents.

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