Watch this Space! Castle Point Local Plan Task and Finish development Update-Another date for the diary

“No news is not always good news”” well especially in the case of the Castle Point’s New daft Local  Plan!


When asked why there had been an absence of information since well before the Election the official response is given as:-

No decision has yet been made on the resumption of meetings of the Task & Finish Group. However, I understand that there may be a report to the Council’s Cabinet on 17th June concerning the next steps.

If it was the intention to resume  the process where left-off it would not likely be necessary for an update report to be given to / by the Cabinet. So what could the news be? Who is it likely to affect / upset? Well our immediate reaction is not Canvey Island residents as they have been in the development firing line from Day One! “We are where we are” with this authority, is our fall back position. However as we were so arrogantly instructed to, we will continue to “Watch this Space!” This time it may pay a lot more residents to also start paying close attention.


3 responses to “Watch this Space! Castle Point Local Plan Task and Finish development Update-Another date for the diary

  1. Steve Sawkins

    Thanks once again for providing historical posts, the post dated16th July 2013 indicates that despite the best efforts and a great deal of expense CPBC are still no further on with the process of producing a sound Local Plan. ( well worth a revisit )
    The lack of transparency still perpetuates, with the now newly formed Cabinet members, working behind closed doors, on development plans for sites on Green Belt all over our Borough.
    What is clear however is that the incremental development that has already been undertaken, along with large scale additional selected sites, through the heading of Regeneration, which are heading towards the Flood Cell of Canvey Island, cannot be justifiably classified as being developments that are exceptionally necessary.

  2. I would echo Steves comments on the value of the historical posts as proof not much seems to change despite a whole lot of hot air and money,.It is a shame a brief mantra of transparency and openness from the previous leadership team of CPBC looks to have gone backwards and it looks like we are being led down a well trodden path.The residents put a lot of faith in the councillors who were elected in May and they need to understand the importance of the decisions they make and not to be driven by the will of more senior members or officers .

  3. Residents should not over react, well at least until we know what is planned. The Council members offered themselves for Election, asking for faith in their abilities, policies and, some of their past records. Those elected obviously won the trust of enough residents especially those concerned over Green Belt development and the damage flooding has caused. Now is the time for them to show what they can do and be judged by that, rather than their rhetoric. Residents were asked to have faith in the Planning Inspectorate and Government policies, pre-election, that allow Local Authorities to set out what local communities desire. Let us wait to hear any words of wisdom forthcoming for Cabinet and judge accordingly.

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