Trust, Openess and Transparency died Today, as did Freedom of Speech!!!

Referring to our previous Post it was considered:
“A very poor and misleading choice of photo from the Canvey GB group.”
And people question why the Canvey Green Belt Campaign group are reticent in joining forces!

We would respond:

The choice of pic accompanying the Post served the exact purpose intended, it focussed peoples attention.

It can be difficult to interest people other than the same few who remain committed.

Likewise the headlines are used in a similar fashion.

To this we would respond:

“Its the content that warrants consideration.”

The Echo pic remains relevant, nothing has changed Castle Point Green Belt is still being considered for development by both officers and councillors, see H18 Blinking Owl.

Perhaps it may be worth a quick re-read via this link HERE.

Residents have again been kept ill informed and await the next moves.

Lesson to be learnt; Critics should consider the consequences before putting thoughts out into the ether!

Original article subject to Censorship at the request of others and in the interest of  unity. (don’t laugh)



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