Castle Point daft New Local Plan Task and Finish Group go Under Cover !

The Castle Point Council daft New Local Plan, Task and Finish group met on Wednesday the 15th July in a behind closed doors meeting.

likely lads

With the pledge to carry out Local Plan business in an Open and Transparent way, residents are left none the wiser as to why the switch to a “secret” meeting.

One is left wondering, with two Development Appeal enquiries scheduled, what might councillors not want developers, or the public and press, to hear.


2 responses to “Castle Point daft New Local Plan Task and Finish Group go Under Cover !

  1. Steve Sawkins

    Fear not the plan. in what ever form, will have to go back to full council for deliberation. The public will be expected to trust the judgement of their councillor, in the comfort that the Councillor integrity requirements entrenched with the Council Constitution will serve to protect the community of CPBC.

    Any plan based purely upon, the need for money, is unacceptable!

    Any development that puts its community at risk will be strongly challenged!

    Those of us that are mindful to take an interest will need to prepare for the examination of the NLP, Councillors that vote to accept the plan will find it difficult to raise an objection as a consequence.

  2. History never changes – these so called secret meetings have been highlighted before and no doubt will be again in the future. Should never happen.
    Who can you really trust – the only team I know who you can is ‘The Ghostbusters’.
    Election over for 5 years – oh well as long as we please Brussels, The Eurozone and The Germans then all is well!!!!

    All I know is that nearly 5,000 Draft New Local Plan Questionnaires were returned to the Planning Team at the Council Offices – and at a rough estimate 95% of residents aired their reservations and deep concerns about traffic infrastructure issues pertaining to large new home build on green belt on Canvey and the Mainland.
    Did you know there is only one route into the planned Jotmans site – from the East – cos Railway to the South, Canvey Way to the West and no exit or entrance to the North – yep of course it makes sense – ECC Highways division say the routes are ‘excellent’.
    Yet still The Council Planning Team won’t take green belt out of the LP. why???
    Democracy please don’t make me laugh it is no good for my health and all the health of all the other concerned residents of CP.
    PS Think I’ll ask the ‘Ghostbusters’.

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