Jotmans Farm development Appeal shows signs of Proceeding!

There is an indication that the Jotmans Farm development proposal Appeal Enquiry may also be proceeding after some delay whilst Castle Point Council dally over Local Plan direction.

There have been updates of Environmental impacts submitted for the Inspectors consideration.

These show little change over what has been previously forecast:

Slight improvement in Bus services.

Possible need to improve road junction surface due to skidding accidents, despite number recorded diminishing, however as anecdotal evidence of continuing concerns remains the mitigation measures remain appropriate.

Map shows a Roundabout junction creating access onto Canvey Way.

This should interest Canvey residents! Editor.

“Given the direction of policy in the draft New Local Plan” “there is an intention to look at development in the area of the application site that is more substantial than (sic) the application proposals” ! (cllr Hart please note!).

Predicted Net change following 265 dwellings, based on recorded Vehicle Trips 2013 and 2015.

AM + 8

PM -15

Makes me wonder how new build mortgages will be paid for without commuting, Editor.

Resulting traffic delay at the major junction at Tarpots shows no significant projected increase, approximately 5 seconds AM and 7 seconds PM peak periods

At High Road / Jotmans Lane there is an adequate spare traffic capacity.

Little change in the ecological baseline and the proposed development claims to deliver “a unique opportunity to deliver a significant contribution to the Greater Thames Marshes nature Improvement Area.”

Residents should look for notice in next edition of the Yellow Advertiser.


One response to “Jotmans Farm development Appeal shows signs of Proceeding!

  1. Canvey Islanders need to wake up and smell the coffee as far as infrastructure is concerned!
    There is no potential for a third road!
    There will not be a widening or duelling of Canvey Way, despite all the good news electioneering appearing in the Echo articles!
    Why ?
    Because “apparently” CPBC did not apply for necessary funding from the Counties Infrastructure budget.
    ( if this can be disproved I will gladly retract this statement )

    The proposed large scale development of Jotmans farm will be seriously detrimental to the vehicle access and egress of Canvey Island.
    Those who are frustrated at peak time delays will have their patience tested even further.

    If only purely on a self interest basis, all those commuters emanating to and from Canvey need to support the Jotmans Farm Campaigners in their efforts to stop its development.

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