Cart before the Horse policies in the Past, likely to continue into Castle Point Local Planning!

Castle Point councillors appear to be in panic mode at the realisation that the funding for the extension of Roscommon Way actually required applying for!

After the years of “good news” photo opportunities councillors are actually debating formally applying for the scheme to be considered at County level.

The Council Leader actually admitted assuming the request has been made.

Well we all know what assumptions can lead to, the mother of all ….

Of course a positive response from County will come with a price to pay.

Roscommon Way will be seen to service the 600 dwelling development plus caravans at Thorney Bay plus the two “business park” developments at West Canvey.

Remember there is no such thing as a freebie!

There has been at last an acceptance that the desired “3rd road” off of Canvey Island is financially and politically unsupported.

The people of Thurrock, quite understandably with their own port traffic issues, are unwilling to accept the added levels of traffic flow that is part of the Canvey commute.

The penny that hasn’t dropped for Islanders as yet, is the issues that these two large business development will have on the traffic leaving Somnes Avenue, especially during the morning rush hour!

Already the residents commuting from as far as the Point end of Canvey queue an unacceptably long time to reach Waterside Farm roundabout.

Once the business developments are operational, those commuting onto the Island will have Right of Way over those leaving the Island from Somnes Avenue, adding untold time to their journey to get off Canvey!

Do not think that just because these developments are not in your direct vicinity they will not affect you, they will!

They will have an impact upon all Canvey residents.

Worse still is the possibility that the Council’s draft Local Plan will be considered supportive to the Jotmans Farm developers proposal. The added vehicle movement from this new development will add to the problems at Tarpots corner and onto Sadlers Farm, encouraging some new Jotmans residents to use Canvey Way as an alternate route.

What we as Canvey residents must realise is that Canvey, as far as being part of the strategic highway network, rates very low on the list of priorities.

The roads on Canvey do not form part of any through routes or by passes.

In fact whilst roads and traffic are a major concern for residents, mainly due to the misery that results from Canvey residents having to use them, in relation to the County’s roads Canvey can be considered little more than a cul de sac.

A busy cul de sac, but of little concern other than to actual residents.

It is not County’s fault that Canvey’s roads are affected by pinch points making evacuation in the event of an emergency unrealistic. It is not County’s fault that the daily commute is usually a miserable experience.

In fairness to County they will be aware that Canvey has been over-developed, something they have little control over.

We as residents need to look nearer to home in the first instance.

We as residents have placed upon us what we are not prepared to fight against.


One response to “Cart before the Horse policies in the Past, likely to continue into Castle Point Local Planning!

  1. The following is an extract from the statement mentioned at the Full Council meeting reported upon by the Editor above.

    “House of Commons: Written Statement
    Department for Communities and Local Government
    Written Statement made by: Minister of State for Housing and Planning
    (Brandon Lewis).
    Local Plans
    We are committed to a planning system that provides communities with certainty on where new homes are to be built. Local Plans produced in consultation with the community are therefore the cornerstone of our planning reforms.

    As stated in the Productivity Plan we will publish league tables setting out local authorities’ progress on their Local Plans. In cases where no Local Plan has been produced by early 2017 – five years after the publication of the NPPF – we will intervene to arrange for the Plan to be written, in consultation with local people, to accelerate production of a Local Plan”.

    Clearly the consultation and concerns of the Local People of CPBC are not being addressed by the present Draft New Local Plan. It is very unlikely that its conclusion via the Task and Finish Group process will satisfy either objectively assessed housing needs or the desire for housing development constraint, in a sound and sustainable way.
    Government intervention seems to be the better option, with the exclusion of self interests, proper open and transparent consultation being the only way forward, that will be acceptable to a united borough.

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