Land Raising – An Open Letter to Castle Point Borough Councillors.

Today we have received, in response to our Open Letter to Castle Point Councillors, our first and so far only response!
It may be that others are still considering how to respond so we shall hold judgement. Hopefully they are able to see the likely impacts and problems caused by Land Raising. The letter is an appeal for Canvey residents concerns to be represented and taken to the lengths the issue may warrant. Once the appropriate time has elapsed, response conclusions, should there be any Councillors who share our concerns, will be made public.

Canvey Green Belt Campaign

Dear Councillors,

You will be aware of the large development proposals being promoted for Canvey Island through the draft New Local Plan.

It is apparent, through reading the CPBC Planning Portal documents, that there is a preference for developers to employ “Land-Raising” as their preferred drainage solution for large development proposals on Canvey Island.

Dependent on the area of Canvey Island that the proposed development is intended for, the Land-Raising will amount to between 40cm – 1Metre+.

This will likely have three detrimental effects.

1.  Off-site Flood Risk.

The Environment Agency consider Land-Raising on Canvey Island delivers “a negative off site impact from these proposals, which is not in line with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in particular paragraph 102, Castle Point Council’s Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA), or the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan.

Paragraph 102 of the NPPF suggests that once the Sequential Test has been satisfied there…

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One response to “Land Raising – An Open Letter to Castle Point Borough Councillors.

  1. I am waiting for the EA flood assssment report to be officially announced amd them read it . After that I ill reposed as I have always done to this group .

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