Principle, more like lack of! Persimmon eye their Report + Accounts – Castle Point eye their Local Plan!

There is a very basic difference between land within the Green Belt and land that is outside of it, the Value.


Developer Persimmon not satisfied with the possibility of building 800+ dwellings in Castle Point have also lodged an Application for the Dutch Village GB site.

The timing is “interesting”. Castle Point Authority are desperate to find land to allocate against the local housing need to suggest some soundness to its Local Plan.

The local authority will consider it timely that Persimmons have thrown their hat in the ring at this time.

Having scanned Persimmon’s evidence supporting the Application, one could wonder why have they lodged the proposal at this time?

I suggest that Persimmon may be happy if the proposal were to be considered as an application in Principle.

Indicating that the company is eager to assist CPBC with fulfilling their housing need will persuade certain councillors there is a soundness to their draft New Local Plan.

In fact the likely intent is for CPBC to have the Dutch Village Fields to be removed from the Green Belt, as they have been suggesting since the early days of the Core Strategy process.

This would suit Persimmon. The value of land within the Green Belt is far less than Brown or Green field land.

Going through this process will add to the value of Persimmon Land Assets, improving their Balance sheet.

The likelihood of this development proceeding in the near future will be examined closely, should it be granted. Other developers, keen to develop within the Borough, will expose this proposal if included within the Local Plan.

Persimmons will know from the Kiln Road development what prices housing can achieve on the Mainland.

CPBC have indicated 800+ dwellings could be developed at Jotmans Farm. There appears little logic in developing in an area far less likely to achieve anything like the house prices in a Flood Zone!

Someone appears to be continuing to muddy the Local Plan waters.

Tonight at 7pm the Canvey Island Town Council meet in their High Road premises to consider the proposal to develop the land east of Canvey Road, the Dutch Village Fields.


2 responses to “Principle, more like lack of! Persimmon eye their Report + Accounts – Castle Point eye their Local Plan!

  1. The evidenced Objectively Assessed Housing Needs for the Borough of Castle Point Councils, plus the historical under delivery of suitable housing, equates to a great deal more that the council would like to surrender via the New Local Plan. The plan is therefore to offer up CONSTRAINTS as the reason for only planning for 200 or less a year.

    There is no other site within the Borough that has more Constraints to curtail inappropriate development than the Dutch Village Site.
    Its is recognised as Green Belt
    It is within a flood risk zone 3 both for tidal and fluvial risks.
    It has a recognised bio diversity value.
    It supports SSSI sites
    It provides an open space facility to an area considered to be in deprivation.

    If the Castle Planning and Regeneration Committee are mindful to grant this large scale planning proposal for this site then it would give a clear indication to developers that all sites within Castle Point are open to development proposals, leaving the whole Borough vulnerable. Unless that is, that the potential £2,000,000 plus Government House Building Bonus will be used to protect, through the appeals process, other preferred sites.

    Just a thought

  2. Thank you Steve for the very clear points you make and they will be taken into consideration when the matter is looked at . Remember officers advise but members decide ! Bill Sharp

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