Glebelands Appeal withdrawn – eyes turn to Jotmans, oh and the daft New Local Plan!

News has filtered through that the Glebelands Appeal has been cancelled.

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Appeal by Fox Land & Property Ltd.

Site Address: Land off Glebelands, Thundersley, Essex

I refer to the email of 20 August 2015, received from the appellant, withdrawing the above appeal.

I confirm that we will take no further action on the appeal.

Eyes now turn to Persimmon’s, Jotmans Farm Appeal and whether the same course of action can be expected.

The possible course of action may have been influenced by the 2017 target deadline date set for the adoption of the Castle Point New Local Plan,


The apparent progress, or lack of, of the New Local Plan consultation and the exploration of site H18 has left an “impression” on the developer, Fox Land and Property!

Local residents can be grateful as Castle Point Borough Council appear to be heading for a difficult period where finance is concerned, and can ill afford to waste funds on Appeals. The Canvey Regeneration shop however appears to be a different matter going by the level of foot fall.


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