JUST 2 DAYS LEFT to OBJECT – if it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny!

Just TWO DAYS remain before Canvey Islanders lose the right to object to Persimmon’s plans to alter the Gateway to Canvey for good!
The entrance to Canvey, currently a few green fields are intended by the developer for an over 275 dwelling housing estate, complete with retail and “community” buildings. The bottleneck that is Waterside Roundabout will become even more of a traffic problem, schools more over-crowded and more pressure imposed on the drainage system. This re-blogged article illustrates some of the lengths the developer and the planning system are prepared to go to! After spending a couple of minutes reading, perhaps you will find 2 more minutes to click on this this LINK and use the “make a public comment” facility to object.

Canvey Green Belt Campaign

Perhaps Canvey residents should be grateful for Persimmons for proposing to develop on Canvey’s Dutch Village.

For the very first time a developer has undertaken in depth surveys of the ground structure and drainage. The requirement will no doubt have arisen following the Pitt Review into the floods of 2007.

“It don’t make pretty reading.”

Sir M.Pitt Sir M.Pitt

Some may say if it wasn’t so serious you could laugh.

Whatever, there is no doubt that it can no longer be a surprise when Canvey Island suffers from flooding and what’s more, if this proposal goes ahead, it ain’t gonna get no better!

I have selected a few extracts from the supporting evidence that reveal some issues. Some of it may leave you with a warm glow of contentment that you are in safe hands, although possibly not:

Developer’s Agent to the Environment:-

“..but also we will need to drain to a pumping…

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9 responses to “JUST 2 DAYS LEFT to OBJECT – if it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny!

  1. Marion Broclebank

    New road and drainage need sorting before more houses are built.

  2. There are enough problems on this island without more places being built!!!! Traffic, drains, emergency services…. Need I go on? No more bloody building here!!!

  3. No more new builds on canvey. It is losing its beauty that it once had. Traffic is already a major problem and it will become even worse. No No No!!!!!!

  4. For goodness sake NO MORE HOUSES we’re fit to bursting as it is. Do the developers actually live on the Island ?

  5. So much corruption going on…none of this will benefit the Island or the people who live here!

  6. Mrs. Margaret Hipperson

    No more houses on Canvey any where

  7. No way to more houses on this island we are bursting at the seems as it is plus we hv no authority on this island and the good ppl that are trying to protect it are slowly being suffocated.

  8. No more houses on Canvey Island.
    The infrastructure is at breaking point already.
    Don’t believe Persimmon they are only in it for the money. Traffic is already a nightmare getting off and on the island. More houses equals more traffic.

  9. How dare you even consider this! Our island floods constantly and is under serious traffic issues and you want to add more people with more houses?! Give us our third road AND sort out the drainage issues then (and only then) can we begin to discuss more houses.

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