Canvey Island Flooding the Government S19 Report is flawed, video reveals!

Some quite startling revelations regarding the July 2014 flooding of Canvey Island, that caused such great concern, misery and expense to residents, are revealed within a presentation by the Flood Partnership Manager at Essex County Council.

The presenter revealed a level of criticism of the work of the Multi-Agency Task Force, assembled in response to the flooding and comprising of the Environment Agency, Castle Point Council, Essex County Council, Anglian Water, Essex Fire and Rescue and the Police, that had been identified by the S19 Report of Sir Mark Walport, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser.

Firstly that the Multi-Agency Task Force appear to have failed to have covered all possible improvements in reaction and prevention methods for future flood events, the S19 Government Report expected more definite action.

Secondly, the Government Office of Science S19 Report was challenged by the Presenter in that it was believed the final S19 Report had included a mistake suggesting a single person be appointed with sole responsibility to impose and oversee improvements and take charge of major flood incidents.

The presenter revealed it was assumed a mistake was reproduced and that what the S19 Report actually meant was that one sole agency, or department, should take responsibility!

We find this highly questionable given the flaky decision-making concerning Flood Risk where multi-agency involvement leads to a lack of responsibility being grasped by any single person or department.

The extent of the S19 Report indicated the seriousness applied to this single incident, acknowledging that a similar event had occurred just 11 months previously and was likely to happen again.

The principles of the Pitt Report clearly should be strictly adhered to as should the S19 Report and all monies allocated be accounted for!


One response to “Canvey Island Flooding the Government S19 Report is flawed, video reveals!

  1. Thank you editor for giving us access to this must view presentation.

    Alarmingly there is no mention of the contributory factor that added to the consequence emanating from these flooding events. Clearly the already over subscribed demand placed upon Canvey Island drainage system, put simply, caused by over development.

    This aspect was eluded to in a report from DEFRA which was not intended for general distribution.

    “Canvey Island Flooding
    Internal Defra report (October 2014)

    Planned development
    28. Further development is planned in a number of locations on Canvey Island. This could cause increased surface run off and put further pressure on the drainage systems. It may also increase the number of properties at risk of events such as this in the future. Government planning policy requires that future development on Canvey must be made sufficiently flood resilient, and that development does not increase overall flood risk.”

    And still the plan for Canvey Island as supported by the Draft New Local Plan
    is for large scale development on its Zone 3 Flood Plain.

    The presenter dismissed the risk of flooding from the sea because of our Concrete Sea Wall, in doing so she ignores the warnings clearly identified within the CPBC Strategic Flood Risk Assessment document being used as evidence towards to conclusion of a sound New Local Plan.

    What also needs to be questioned is why has the Castle Point Council Planning Officers and Planning Committees attitude towards the issue of surface water flooding caused by a default drainage system been less than helpful when overseeing planning application.

    Make up your own minds as to why the flooding of Canvey Island has only been seen to have been a bit of an inconvenience with regards to the conclusion of CPBCs New Local Plan.

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