Jotmans Farm-Castle Point Council’s Green Belt Housing Allocation to undergo Appeal Test!


The proposed development, should it go ahead, will have a direct impact upon Benfleet and Canvey Island Residents alike.

The Development Proposal, initially rejected by the Castle Point Development Committee, despite being identified as a source of Housing Supply within the Local Plan, is next week the subject of an Appeal Inquiry.

The Inquiry commences on Tuesday 8th September 10am at Runnymede Hall, behind the Council offices.

With two more sessions Weds 9th and Thurs 10th September, 10 am start in the Council Chamber.

Jotmans Farm

Jotmans Farm

This is the first part of a 800+ development proposed through the Local Plan that may well involve an access onto Canvey Way, compounding congestion issues at Sadlers Farm and Waterside Farm as well as Essex Way and the Benfleet Station areas.

The loss of such a large prominent area of Green Belt will signal an undermining of the Government’s reassurance that Green Belt is protected from development, unless local policies decide otherwise.

Whilst the Local Plan is supposedly making progress, it would be reasonable to expect a rejection of the Appeal due to Prematurity.

However  Jotmans, having been included in the sites for development on the Local Plan Proposals Map, may have had its case for defence weakened!

Let’s hope this is not a case of Development by Stealth! Councillors opting out of difficult decisions, leaving these to Planning Inspectors!

Residents have been asked to show their feelings and give their support  by attending the Appeal hearing.

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3 responses to “Jotmans Farm-Castle Point Council’s Green Belt Housing Allocation to undergo Appeal Test!

  1. If you live on Canvey Island and use the A130 for your commute, then imagine in the morning 500 + cars entering the A130 ahead of you at the Jotmans Interchange?

    It will have a serious impact on Traffic off and on the Island.

    If you are opposed to this, please come along and let those in power know.

  2. The Communities and Local Governments
    Plain English Localism Act
    Clarifying the rules on predetermination
    “In parallel with the abolition of the Standards Board, the Government has used the Localism Act to clarify the rules on ‘predetermination’. These rules were developed to ensure that councillors came to council discussions – on, for example, planning applications – with an open mind. In practice, however, these rules had been interpreted in such a way as to reduce the quality of local debate and stifle valid discussion. In some cases councillors were warned off doing such things as campaigning, talking with constituents, or publicly expressing views on local issues, for fear of being accused of bias or facing legal challenge.
    The Localism Act makes it clear that it is proper for councillors to play an active part in local discussions, and that they should not be liable to legal challenge as a result. This will help them better represent their constituents and enrich local democratic debate. People can elect their councillor confident in the knowledge that they will be able to act on the issues they care about and have campaigned on”.

    Its about time that democracy was given a fair hearing at CPBC and that all parts of the Borough are united and not divided by Local Factors. The formulation of our Local Plan should be a people led process. Unhelpful manipulative interference is not helping, and will only have the outcome of delivering an unsustainable, undeliverable and unsound outcome.

  3. Leave Canvey Island alone it is crowded now.The traffic congestion gets worse.why take away all the green fields there is very little to see as it is. Do the councillors want another flooding or disaster. We moved because you couldn’t get around the island each time we revisit it gets worse.

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