Jotmans Appeal inquiry – Day 1.

I am reliably informed that it was standing room only during the morning session with approximately 50 people in attendance, including councillors, press and a small Canvey contingent for the afternoon session, as the Jotmans development Appeal got underway.

Not good signals coming from the Appeal Inquiry;

Castle Point still without a 5 Year Supply of Housing Land.

Thorney Bay, the developer has instructions from the Environment Agency and is proceeding with flood remedial work, but nothing in writing to submit as evidence so far.

Draft new Local Plan

Site H18, the Blinking Owl, access issues outstanding, Essex Highways are considering more favourably options put to them by CPBC and developer, but nothing in writing to submit as evidence so far. Barrister suggests that the level of compulsory purchase order necessary may be an issue, to which the council officer agreed. The issue that such a large proposal may require an equally large development company and whether such developer was showing interest was left hanging.

Objectively Assessed Housing Need and the method as to how the varying figures should be arrived at were also discussed.

Various sections of Planning Policy were debated as was Planning Guidance.

At the end of the session three local residents were given time to speak as was a local ward councillor.

So ended the first day, with more evidence to follow tomorrow.


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