Flood protection Funding available, but is it appropriate for Canvey Island properties?

Some overdue funding is being made available, from the Government via Essex County Council, to homeowners who have had flood water incursion into their property’s.

From contact with the Environment Agency there is a possibility that some methods of property flood resistance may not be wholly appropriate for Canvey Island.

Canvey has a residual risk of flooding from the Estuary, in the unlikely event that this may happen, by not allowing flood water to enter properties the outer pressure, built up by the water level, may exceed the resistance strength of the structure, leading to collapse.

Let us hope that expert advice is on hand to accompany the sale of these surface water protection devices.

Hopefully, at least since the events of 2014, the Castle Point planning department and committee have been insuring that appropriate devices have been fitted during construction of new builds by developers, as otherwise it would appear a misuse of central funds.

Echo Newspaper article reads;

GRANTS to help protect homes from flooding are now available from Essex County Council.

Applications for Property Level Protection grants, of up to £5,000, can be made by homeowners on Essex County Council’s website.
People whose homes have been flooded internally in the past three years, from ordinary watercourse, groundwater and surface water flooding, and who can provide demonstrable evidence of the impact of the flooding, will be eligible.
Roger Hirst, Essex councillor responsible for environment, said: “The purpose of the grant is to provide assistance to residents who have suffered from flooding in Essex, by helping them become more resilient and resistant to future flooding.

“By providing residents with grants, we intend for them to choose the most suitable installed Property Level Protection equipment to help them to help themselves against further threat of flooding.”

Flood resistant doors, airbricks, pumps and flood safety doors can be installed with the grant money.


2 responses to “Flood protection Funding available, but is it appropriate for Canvey Island properties?

  1. Editor, may I take the opportunity of introducing this particular document to all of those who are the decision makers when it comes to granting of planning permission for developments on Canvey Island.

    Defra / Environment Agency
    Flood and Coastal Defence R&D Programme
    Flood Risk Assessment Guidance for New Development
    Phase 2
    Framework and Guidance for Assessing and Managing Flood
    Risk for New Development – Full Documentation and Tools
    R&D Technical Report FD2320/TR2
    October 2005

    This document :-
    Provides the Environment Agency with guidance on communicating to Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) and Developers the likely flood risk to people associated with developing behind defences, given the potential flood hazard and the condition of the defences.

    Is designed to be complementary to a separate EA guidance document 142 that provides specific guidance to EA staff regarding the EA’s policies and principles for development behind defences.

    However this guidance note does NOT:

    Set parameters that dictate whether or not development should be permitted behind defences, as this is dependent on the acceptability of the residual risk after provision of suitable mitigation measures and is a decision for the LPA.
    Set parameters that dictate whether the EA should object to development behind defences, as this is a policy issue for the EA.

    I do of course expect that Planning Officers and those on planning committees and scrutiny groups will be familiar with these type of guidance documents if not I hope that this is helpful.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Unfortunately there is an Essex County Council “fly in the ointment,” residences will have to have been flooded before and proof is required. It appears the rationale used is the Canute Theory, if your house didn’t get flooded in the Past, it won’t get flooded in the Future!
    “Grant recipients will be residential homeowners who have been flooded internally within the past three years from ordinary watercourse, groundwater and surface water flooding and can provide demonstrable evidence of the impact of the flooding event.”

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