4 dwellings approved for Rear of Morrisons Canvey Island at Appeal.

Developments allowed at rear of Morrisons, ex Silver Jubilee Public house, site.

Despite concerns regarding proximity to bordering housing and access onto the busy neighbouring road the Planning Inspector found that the proposal for 4 new dwellings was reasonable.

The fact that no referral was made to the Integrated Urban Drainage study findings and that no off site flood risk issues are expected to arise, suggests that the local development approach of cram dwellings in wherever Canvey space will allow is acceptable and that any future surface water flooding is of future and current residents concerns alone!

The Inspector did appear surprised that CPBC did not bother to reply to his enquiry as to whether CPBC felt that following the recent change in Government policy some allowance should be sought for affordable housing obligation.

One can only assume that CPBC have indicated their lack of concern for those who may have benefitted from the provision.


One response to “4 dwellings approved for Rear of Morrisons Canvey Island at Appeal.

  1. Planned development
    Further development is planned in a number of locations on Canvey Island. This could cause increased surface run off and put further pressure on the drainage systems. It may also increase the number of properties at risk of events such as this in the future. Government planning policy requires that future development on Canvey must be made sufficiently flood resilient, and that development does not increase overall flood risk.

    This warning cannot be more pertinent only time will tell to what extent.

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