Canvey drainage problems: worse seen anywhere in the Country!

Matthew Porter of the Echo, today wrote following the “multi-agency” meeting updating Castle Point Council of the work progressed so far in response to the Canvey Island surface water flooding of July 2014;

Hundreds of faults and breaks were uncovered after the island’s 36km sewage network was inspected in light of major flooding in July 2014.

Bosses from Anglian Water claim the extent of the problems on the island is “unprecedented” and unlike anywhere else in the country.

photo credit: Echo Newspaper

photo credit: Echo Newspaper

Jonathan Glerum, Anglian Water flood risk manager, said: “We have seen things like gas mains ploughed right through one of our concrete sewers and there are hundreds of examples of this.

“A lot of the time, they just drill so they don’t know if they have drilled through a sewer.

“It is out of our control whether people do this, but we can try to influence things.”

July 2014photo3

Mr Glerum claims the problems on Canvey were worse than he has seen anywhere else in the country.

 He added: “The whole system wasn’t running and we’d be doing five or six repairs in one street.

“We don’t really get these problems elsewhere – it seems to be a Canvey specific issue.

“It’s pretty rare in other areas, but in one street on Canvey we could get five or six issues in a 100 metre stretch.

“We can now understand why people suffered and we don’t see these problems anymore.”

Ray Howard, Tory councillor responsible for floods and water management, claims regulations for maintenance work have since changed to help clamp down on the problem.

He has called on those contractors who damaged drains in the first place to be held to account.

Mr Howard said: “I want to see these companies named, shamed and prosecuted, because they have caused such discomfort to people.”

Large parts of Canvey suffered major flooding when enough rain to fill Wembley Stadium fell in just 12 minutes on Sunday, July 20, last year.

It was later revealed 11 of Canvey’s 13 pumping stations were out of use and many of the island’s drains were blocked.


One response to “Canvey drainage problems: worse seen anywhere in the Country!

  1. “The Pitt Report was published following the flood events in the summer of 2007. It draws attention to the high proportion of surface water flooding that occurred during that period, and states that the impact of climate change means that the probability of events of a similar nature and scale happening in the future is increasing.

    The report calls for improved modelling of all forms of flooding to enable better flood warning and planning and highlights the need for greater use of sustainable drainage systems (SUDs). The UK Government has
    recently endorsed the findings of this report. Therefore the revised SFRA will need to consider in more detail the potential for, and implications of, surface water flooding across the study area using local knowledge, including the need for Surface Water Management Plans (SWMP).

    Any consideration of surface water flood risk, or critical drainage areas should be cross references with the TGSE Water Cycle Study (WCS) being carried out in parallel with the SFRA. Where the WCS shows
    capacity issues for infrastructure (or this isn’t known and it must be assumed that there is no capacity) then the flood risk implications will need to be mapped.

    The main driver for all surface water concerns in future
    will be the SWMPs which will be led by the Local Authority.”

    The Questions that Castle Point Council need to answer are;
    Why was this report ignored.?
    Who had the local knowledge ?
    Who had the governance?
    Why were previous flooding events ignored ?
    And, Why was the surface water management plan for Castle Point accepted by the Cabinet of Castle Point Council as being a wonderful piece of work later found to be not suitable for purpose for Canvey Island?

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