Canvey Flood Prevention Grant – value for money or a “Sticking plaster”?

The Integrated Urban Drainage Study and the resultant computer software appears to assist in the continued aspiration that “Flood Risk will not hinder the economic growth” of Canvey Island, whatever that may entail!

The announcement of the computer modelling completion was accompanied by a reminder that the grants for protection against future Canvey flooding remain available.

Unfortunately, your property has to have been flooded previously in 2013 or 2014, to qualify!

Today a circular has been issued by the Environment Agency Floodaware service inviting participants to use the online facility to assess the estimated cost of real property flood protection.

It appears that the Council led initiative of granting up to £5,000 may be insufficient to give thorough protection.

So, living in a flood zone as we do and many households not qualifying for the grant, may leave the protection of our homes a costly exercise!

Can we assume that the planned near-future housing developments will have conditions applied, that require the fitting of the necessary flood prevention devices, or will the public purse again be used to step in?

Remember the Castle Point Development Committee are required to be certain that housing proposals that they approve, will be able to secure flood insurance over the lifetime of the property. The foresight they demonstrate appears uncanny!

It was estimated that for a semi-detached house, compared with the £5,000 council grant are:

 Your estimated PLP costs have been calculated based on the data you provided within the Property Protection Advisor and applied to the pricing schedule below:

Product Quantity Range of Costs/Product Average Cost/Product
Professional Property Survey 1 £300 – £700 £500

Manual Door Barriers (Single) 2 £500 – £900 £700 Manual Door Barriers (Double) 1 £1,000 – £1,800 £1,400

Automatic Replacement Flood Doors (Single) 2 £1,000 – £2,000£1,500                                     Automatic Replacement Flood Doors (Double) 1 £2,000 – £4,000 £3,000

Automatic Airbricks/Air Vent Covers 9 £50 – £90 £70

Pump and Generator 1 £400 – £600 £500

Full port non-return valve for use in foul chamber 1 £550 – £650 £600

Large non-return valves 3 £80 – £120 £100

Small non-return valves 1 £70 – £110 £90

Repointing external walls with water resistant mortar 1 £150 – £250 £200

Silicone gel around openings for cables etc. 1 £80 – £120 £100

Waterproof external walls 1 £200 – £400 £300

Average cost including manual door barriers £4,440 – £7,600 £6,020

Average cost including automatic flood doors £6,440 – £12,000   £9,220

Assumptions made A pump may be required to limit and control the risk of floodwater rising up through any cracks or weaknesses that may exist within the concrete which underlies the suspended timber floor. 

The brick and block construction of the walls means that the application of waterproof sealant may help to limit the entry of floodwater through the walls. 

You have identified that this property contains a ground floor bathroom and/or w/c.  It has been assumed that a full port non-return valve is suitable for use at this property, however due to factors such as the location of the foul chamber this may not be the case.

Consideration should then be given to manual measures such as pan seals and u-bend toilet bungs. 

You have identified that this property contains a conservatory. It is assumed that there is access into the property through the conservatory and that this doorway has been included above.

Property Specific Notes Any PLP products that you purchase will require appropriate storage and maintenance.  It is recommended that you seek advice from your product supplier. It is also recommended that you prepare your own individual flood plan to ensure that you have made all efforts to help reduce the impact of flooding, as well as the time taken to recover following an event.

This estimated total averaging at £9,000 will, when added to the viability costing issue of developing on Canvey Island. It will also indicate the level of seriousness and responsibility the local authority place on directing development onto a Flood Zone.

Of course the fact that £5,000 has been deemed by government sufficient, may illustrate savings arrived at by supplying and fitting in numbers.


One response to “Canvey Flood Prevention Grant – value for money or a “Sticking plaster”?

  1. Editor
    Not wishing to appear ungrateful, all of these preventative measures imply that this so called unusual flooding phenomenon will happen again.
    We have been told that the Essex Fire and Rescue Service have made available additional pumping facilities obviously for a post flooding event. Having been told by the Environment Agency that the fixed flood pumping capacity is more that capable of dealing, when working, with such flooding events as those previously experienced. It makes me wonder why the Fire Authorities resources have been set aside when other more urgent matters require their attention during these types of incidents.

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