Tonight and Wednesday Castle Point Council consider their Plan to develop 1,250 houses on a Flood Zone!

Tonight Castle Point Council, Local Plan Task and Finish group will consider whether to recommend developing upto 300 new Houses on the Dutch Village Green Belt fields.
Also under consideration are the Land fronting Canvey Road West the Garden Centre and the 2 abutting houses, Jotmans Farm, Glebelands and Glyders.
The Public meeting in the Council chamber commences at 7.30pm.
Wednesday the 28th October will see consideration given for more development at Thorney Bay, Point Road, the old Castle View School, land off scrub Lane and land off Kiln Road.
I am sure your Councillors are looking forward to your attendance.


2 responses to “Tonight and Wednesday Castle Point Council consider their Plan to develop 1,250 houses on a Flood Zone!

  1. For gods sake stop building on our Island. The infrastructure CANNOT cope. Flooding, traffic, School places isn’t that enough reason to stop it. Have you spent hours trying to get off the Island if there is an accident or driving from one end to the other on those days and it taking a hour or the poor people that have their homes flloded. Isn’t that enough reason to STOP building. If you stopped taking people in from the London Boroughs we wouldn’t need any more homes!

  2. Should the LPG plant go up – will this be leaglised murder?
    – even the blue and yellow emergency routes have been taken away – what is the plan now in the case of emergency?
    trying to get four lanes onto the canvey way from sadlers and then waiting for the back up to clear from the waterside roundabout before canvey way starts moving – it’s absolutely crazy – U can travel 36 miles from london and it can take less time than getting across the canvey way. STOP all building until the government gives a TRUE total of accommodation required. There can not be a requirement for 1m new homes. Review all vacant stock and that held by private landlords before any new (additional) builds take place. The island is too small for the number of people currently there – let alone any more. Flooding risks will increase with the increase in numbers of concreted areas.

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