Flood Funding Fail, out with the Begging Bowl to save the CPBC Local Plan!

Where is the “Good News” follow-up photo and story from the bid for Flooding funds for drainage improvements?

Serious drainage faults, identified as “the worse seen in the Country” left Canvey residents flooded out of their homes during July 2014. A Drainage Study was carried out to be used as a means of locating faults with the system so that Government funding of £25,000,000 for the estimated improvements would be secured.

canvey flood bid 1.jpg-pwrt3

Photo credit: The Echo Previous delegation meet with the Minister.

The latest delegation from Castle Point Council met with the Under Minister at Westminster, questionably, less than a week before Castle Point Council meet to decide whether the daft New Local Plan is to be progressed, despite the large housing and business developments it proposes for Canvey Island.

In a report in the local Yellow Advertiser it would be easy for residents and indeed, more importantly ahead of their vote, councillors to feel the funding to correct all of the faults with the Canvey island drainage system is available and allocated.

It is clear from the report, that is not the case.

As was the case during the attempted “build on Canvey Green Belt” Edition 1 of the Local Plan saga, the Core Strategy, where an attempt was made to infer monies are secured for the necessary sea defence improvement works, equal funding will need to be found from other sources!

In the case of the Core Strategy sea defence funding we, the Canvey Green Belt Campaign group, actually highlighted the deceptive wording contained in the castle Point Council’s document that under scrutiny revealed the lack of financial commitment within the aspirational future improvements necessary. Under questioning the EA representative admitted the funding commitment was not secured.

Similarly it emerges the necessary drainage improvements required to prevent Canvey residents from being flooded out in the future is dependent on much of the funding coming from other sources, by which we assume means the local authority (residents taxes), Anglian Water and the like.

Surely little more could have been expected from Government during these austere times and in the light of the commitment in the middle east and the recent financial statement!

Despite this Castle Point Council will, next week on the 9th, attempt to force through a Local Plan that proposes even more development on Canvey Island than the unsound, biased and flawed Core Strategy proposed!

Our local authority have made clear they will not allow flooding issues, whether from the sea or from surface water, to interrupt the continued development of Canvey Island, despite the previous over development being attributed to being part of the cause of the damage to residents properties during previous flood events during 2013 and 2014.

It may have gone un-noticed but during planning and other Council meetings officers carefully point out that Councillors are the ones who ultimately are responsible for the decision making.

As will be the case in the vote on the daft New Local Plan; we may all moan it is an “officers Plan,” but it will be councillors who vote to determine the Local Plan’s future direction.

Our local councillors need to be held accountable, continued development of the Island will lead to more drainage flooding issues. These improvement funds are insecure repeat flooding is likely.

A named vote during the Council meeting will allow residents to see who is responsible!

The Yellow Advertiser article can be seen via this LINK.


One response to “Flood Funding Fail, out with the Begging Bowl to save the CPBC Local Plan!

  1. Editor.
    Alarmingly it has taken this web site to once again expose the reality of how Canvey Island is really at risk from Tidal Flooding, Surface Water Flooding and the ramifications of the residual risk emanating from a major COMAH site incident.

    The fact is that, despite their best efforts, the representatives presenting the argument for Government funding to secure a Surface Water Management Plan for Canvey Island, failed to deliver!

    Those Councillors knowingly supporting a Local Plan that increases the risk of further flooding on Canvey Island by additional development, expose the Council to those with claims for uninsured losses.

    To have approached the decision-making process with the possibility of accepting the site selection of developments on the Zone 3 flood plain, via the New Local Plan, without exposing the fact that there is NO Government funding to resolve the surface water flooding issues of Canvey Island, have acted at minimum, dishonourably!

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