A Letter to Castle Point Councillors ahead of the daft New Local Plan debate.

Dear Councillor,
As you will be fully aware you have an important decision to make on Wednesday evening on the Local Plan.
The Canvey Green Belt Campaign group have followed and participated in this Plan process wherever possible.
We have done so with the mandate of over 6,500 Canvey residents who participated in our Referendum.
Of the residents we reached to poll, over 99% were against further Green Belt development.
Since the Core Strategy was rejected and withdrawn a new Plan has emerged that intends to see even more development on Canvey than was promoted within the Core Strategy.
The Canvey GB group have evidence that our Local Authority apply the Sequential Test in a micro method rather than conventionally across the whole Borough as required during the Local Plan process, so as to allow housing development on the Canvey 3a Flood Risk zone.
We are also aware that the Task and Finish group have been denied Calor Safety Reports that also suggest that further development should be treated with caution.

The Castle Point Local Plan Sustainability Scoping Report states that the population of Canvey Island should be maintained at the current level or Lower for safety reasons; This current draft  Local Planseeks to ignore its own Sustainability evidence!

The recent industrial development proposal that was due to be considered during last weeks development committee meeting, will result in over 2,000 extra vehicle movements, most affecting Waterside Roundabout and Somnes Avenue in the morning, and Canvey Way in the evening’s, Rush Hour. It is these levels of impact that all large development proposals will inflict upon Canvey Island.
The Road and junction improvements of the 1998 Local Plan have not materialised, what hope the improvements of this draft Plan will be any different given the current austere times?

Canvey Island Green Belt is a fast diminishing commodity. The TE2100 that intends to improve the sea defences, will take up more of the accessible Green Belt on the Island.

No doubt you will be put under immense pressure by the CPBC Chief Executive to pass the Local Plan for its final consultation.
The alternative, he will suggest, is that a Government Inspector will take control of the Plan if not finalised by 2017.
Most of the evidence base is available, a different interpretation could lead to a different resultant Local Plan, in good time.
Even so, we believe that Canvey will fare no worse under an Inspector compared with the recent attempts by this local authority.

With the mandate of the numbers of Canvey residents that are opposed to the Local Plan and the distribution of Growth, we appeal to our Elected Representatives to actively use their votes on Wednesday to reject the current draft Local Plan.
I understand that mainland residents are of a similar opinion.
We also ask that a Named Vote is held.

Kind Regards

The Canvey Green Belt Campaign group


One response to “A Letter to Castle Point Councillors ahead of the daft New Local Plan debate.

  1. Editor
    I fully support the contents of this article and commit to taking its message to the Planning Inspectorate during the examination of the CPBC Local Plan
    Thanks for all your work.

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