CPBC Local Plan update – turns into Farce! Watch this Space, can we blink yet?

In brief, it appeared the Castle Point Local Plan Council meeting to formally adopt the document for Final Consultation turned into a Farce.

Immediately an amendment was registered by Cllr Stanley, seconded by Cllr Smith.

After unconvincing explanations by the SS, this amendment was “trumped” with a further, further amendment by Cllr Dick driving further backwards the current status of the Local Plans housing distribution.

The fact that Cllr Skipp, a Cabinet member, seconded Cllr Dick’s amendment indicates the level of discontent.

It appeared a managed defeat, as officers would not be able to allow the Local Plan to collapse at this stage. Remember Jotmans Enquiry is with the Secretary of State!

The planned re-visit to the Strategic Housing Availability Assessment suggests a re-interpretation of the Local Plan evidence base.

A further meeting, allowing work to go on in the meantime, is planned for late January.

As was said previously by an infamous Leader; “Watch this Space!”


One response to “CPBC Local Plan update – turns into Farce! Watch this Space, can we blink yet?

  1. An opportunity was taken last night to bury a bad news story with an even worse one, that being that there is no Government money forth coming to resolve Canvey Island Surface Water Management issues. Residents can only look forward to further flooding concerns whilst the Planning Authority proceed to push forward developments involving land raising on the flood plain water storage cell of Canvey Island.
    Last nights proceeding identified a deep divide between those who are trying to recognise its communities concerns and those who see financial opportunities slipping through their fingers.
    It’s time for all concerned to step aside and invite the Planning Inspectorate in to unravel this mess we supposedly call the New Local Plan

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