Just Like That! The sleight of hand with Green Belt and Flood Risk at Castle Point.

It further emerged at January’s Castle Point Development Committee meeting that during the pre-meeting briefing councillors and officers should look to Maximise the Housing capacities achievable on each development site in the Borough.
If this is so, this signals an end to the championed “Master Planning” scheme that was supposed to act as the sweetener for residents to accept the daft New Local Plan!

Canvey Green Belt Campaign

Once again in a “Now you see it, Now you Don’t” fashion, Castle Point officers reveal their manipulative stranglehold on Local Plan issues.

Previously, during the Core Strategy process they absentmindedly posted a draft copy of the Castle Point Strategic Flood Risk Assessment on the CS Portal. Due to the sensitive and revealing nature of the content, this was quickly removed. Not before the Canvey Green Belt Campaign had secured a copy though!

Tommy Cooper Just Like That!

Amidst criticism from the Examining Inspector and much embarrassing delay a new Final copy of the Risk Assessment, adulterated by CPBC officers with the compliance of the Environment Agency, was belatedly published.

Now, as the decision approaches regarding whether the daft New Local Plan is worthy of publication or not, a further slip up emerges.

Posted on the CPBC Planning Portal was correspondence from the Pegasus group regarding how they felt the lack of a…

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