Braintree Council hold their Local Plan nerve whilst Castle Point dither?

Braintree Council have released their timetable for their new Local Plan.

Our neighbours appear content that their Plan timetable is achievable whilst, at Castle Point Council, pressure is being applied to suggest that the current daft New Local Plan must be carried forward as time will not permit further change!

Threats were issued during the CPBC December council meeting, of developers achieving development in undesirable areas, developer contributions being un-securable and housing numbers being uncontainable without a Finalised Local Plan.

And yet Braintree only now embark on the production of a draft document.

We are told that no Plan is better than a bad Plan, well a bad Plan has been voted as acceptable for sending out for consultation.

Now we shall have to see if Castle Point councillors have it in them to retrieve the situation!

Braintree Council Local Plan schedule;

January 26th to 6th March 2015 Issues and Scoping document Published for consultation
December 2015/January 2016 Consideration of detail policies by the Local Plan Sub-Committee
February-May 2016 Potential development sites considered by the Local Plan Sub-Committee
Ongoing until June 2016 Collection and consideration of evidence documents to support the new Local Plan including on landscape, open space, economic development and highways.
June 2016 Draft preferred options considered by Council
June/July 2016 6 week public consultation period on the draft Local Plan
September-November 2016 Consideration of public consultation responses to the draft Local Plan and revisions to the Plan as appropriate
November 2016 Council consideration of the Submission draft Submission Plan
November/December 2016 Public consultation of the Submission draft Local Plan
February 2017 Submission of Local Plan to Planning Inspectorate for consideration
May 2017 (subject to Inspectorate timetable) Independent public examination held on the Local Plan by the Planning Inspector
September 2017 Adoption of the Local Plan by the Council

2 responses to “Braintree Council hold their Local Plan nerve whilst Castle Point dither?

  1. I am not allowed to talk about Castle Points Local Plan according to the monitoring officer but I can say that Braintree have had atleast 3 consultations to get to this stage .

  2. Editor :- I would suggest that it would be difficult for a Governmental Department to be critical as to what time scale a Local Authority sets for its formulation of its Local Plan, when it make a statement that its original Housing Targets were not enough. What a strategy this could be for failure to provide a plan, well worth watching out for to see if this tactic has merit.

    “Braintree District Council’s Local Plan sets out where development will take place over the next 15 years, including new homes, employment areas and supporting infrastructure such as roads.

    The authority took the decision last summer to halt and begin again with work on its Local Plan after it was deemed its original housing targets were not high enough.

    Now residents, businesses and other interested groups get the chance to have their say in the issues and scoping consultation, one of the first stages of producing a new Local Plan.

    Comments made during the consultation will shape the preferred options for the next draft of the Local Plan, which will go back out to consulation later this year.

    The scoping document does not allocate specific sites for development, but instead sets out broad criteria and options such as “locate new employment sites on the strategic road and rail network”.

    As well as development the consultation also looks at environmental issues.

    Three drop-in sessions are being held to allow people to view the proposals and ask questions of planning officers, as well as giving their feedback.

    These take place at Witham Public Hall on Tuesday February 3, at Halstead Queens Hall on Thursday February 5 and at Braintree Town Hall on Wednesday February 11, each from 4-8pm.

    Lady Newton, cabinet member for planning at Braintree District Council (BDC), said: “This consultation process is a central part of drafting a new Local Plan.

    “If you are a resident, or someone who works in or spends time in our district, then the Local Plan will have an impact on you.

    “The consultation therefore presents an important opportunity for people to help us shape the key issues that will be incorporated into the plan, and it is also an opportunity for us as a local authority to make residents aware of the challenges that will be posed by accommodating the planned housing growth.

    “We remain committed to providing residents and stakeholders with the chance to shape the place in which they live, and to do this we have to ensure that we deliver a robust Local Plan that reflects the views of local people, protects our district, and fosters economic growth and prosperity.”

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