OIKOS gain permission for the importation and use of Butane on Canvey Island.

According to this Blog’s statistics our Russian follower showed interest this week in this particular Post. Firstly, I would like to wish him / her a Happy New Year, thank him / her for taking an interest in Canvey issues and also tke this opportunity to re-post this article for residents etc to re-read.

Canvey Green Belt Campaign

For a while now, the Castle Point Development Committee have assumed the role of the Hazardous Substance Authority (HSA).

It appears that Council committee members, charged with decision-making, have been offered no relevant training, simply expected to follow the “guidance” of officers.  On this basis they were required last evening to consider the change of consent granted during 2012 to OIKOS.

oikos.jpg-pwrt3Photo credit: Echo News

This would allow the importation, storage and blending of butane. The intention is to use the nearby Calor Gas jetty to unload the fuel, store and pump through to OIKOS as required.

For the first time the Council Agenda made clear that the HSA (committee members) were responsible for the decision.

The OIKOS representative also made clear that the area had been used for the importation of fuel for some 70 years (80 years according to the CPBC Agenda). The clear implication this underlines is…

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