Petition launched against Castle Point Local Plan!

Following on from Castle Point Borough Council member Martin Tuckers information meeting on the Castle Point Local Plan and its potential impact upon Canvey Island last evening, a call for a Petition to be launched was made.

We are glad to say that we are able to launch the online version.

This online version below will send an email notification directly to the CPBC Head of Regeneration and Neighbourhoods office!

A paper version will be available shortly.

It is imperative that residents sign just one version, and once only.

Any more would diminish the Integrity of the Petition.

This is intended to be a back up to the Referendum Poll that was held back in 2009 in which over 6,500 responses were received.


To date less than 24 following the meeting, a report on Facebook by Mr THollingsworth, has seen over 700 comments and 340 Likes. We need that and more from the Petition!

Thank you for your continued Support.



3 responses to “Petition launched against Castle Point Local Plan!

  1. Wish you all the luck in the world but we did just that back in 2013. I believe Jotmans did too, We received more signatures than our ward councillors received in votes. It was duly noted by Officers but had no effect on the vote. Our site (H9) was still designated for residential use. Maybe there is enough new Gov Guidance around no to give it more of an impact. Is it borough wide or just Canvey based? Us mainlanders could be more than happy to swell the numbers…

    • Thank you Jacqui. It is a statement regarding what we view as a situation in an area of Castle Point. It also relates to the Local Plan which is considered unsuitable for the Borough. Residents of Castle Point are all welcome to sign and we are grateful for those that do.

  2. Editor thank you for the opportunity to repeat some previous comments
    Canvey Islanders need to wake up and smell the coffee as far as infrastructure is concerned, there is no potential for a third road.
    There will not be a widening or duelling of Canvey Way, despite it being a policy requirement in the adopted 1998 plan
    There is no available funding for our defaulted drainage system and
    our Sea Defence improvement programme is purely aspirational.
    The proposed large scale development of Jotmans farm will be seriously detrimental to the vehicle access and egress of Canvey Island.Those who are frustrated at peak time delays will have their patience tested even further.
    If only purely on a self interest basis, all those commuters emanating to and from Canvey need to support this petition
    It would seem that the Draft New Local Plan is at the take it or leave it stage,
    I like many others do not believe in the argument that by having a plan, any plan, will stop developers making planning applications. The fact is a bad plan will allow developers to challenge its soundness in favour of their own proposals.
    This petition will serve as a reminder of previous efforts to persuade our representatives that a reasonable quality of life is worth fighting for, surly this is not being unreasonable.

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